Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Happy Tuesday my Queens and Kings !

So today is Tuesday, and as per the regular Tuesday schedule I .. have nothing on mine. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the simple sign of simplicity ... there isn't a single one thing that has got me obligated today.


In case one is wondering how it is possible that how does a regular boring housewife have nothing on the go .... it's a result of perfect planning ! I have planned for nothing .. and anything that should be planned ... hasn't been .. mind you .. I guess I should give myself more credit than being a boring housewife ... it is clear that I am a slave to my home ... but not in the fashion that one would believe with no dust and chronically clean floors ... I leave that up to the housekeeper .. which I still do not have. What is a housewife anyways ... because certainly I am not one. But that could just be a guess !

Moving forward into the Tuesday madness.

I have got to hit up Costco in a while ... now that should be exciting .. no list, and an empty shopping cart. And lots of time on my hands. This may not end well. For something .. like a certain bank account. Mind you .. I have a friend that shops like the zombie apocolypse is just around the corner ... or worse on her doorstep ... so I am so not that bad ... !

Am helping out a friend over the next number of months ... she's too busy for her business .. so I'm filling in the blanks by becoming her trusty assistant ... from home ... when I can sit ... and do things ... for short periods of time ...

So .. on that note .. I'm\ done for today.

Have to go find a comfortable spot to sit .. and tweet up a ton of magical words to zillions of strangers. That's my mission. It has to be someone's .. might as well make it mine.

Thank you for remaining loyal my Queens and Kings !

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