Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesdays with the Light Girl

Welcome to Tuesdays episode in the Light Girl series. However, I am only at day TWO of this series, and quite possibly could be the last in the series .. I'm just saying .. cause the tangent could change in approximately FOUR minutes .. onto a completely knew topic ! Currently I seem to be having a bug issue ... I can not type in the screen that says compose, although I can type in the screen that says HTML. Odd, highly odd ... hmmmm... Anyways .. back to the light girl adventures. Well .. the end. Because there werent any. My day consisted of being low key, dropping stuff off at the church (clothes donations), visiting the sister at our friends house, where the sister is revamping our friends garden. That's a lot of work .. kind of a big project ... actually a super big project .. but what does one say .. about anything? The majority of the day was spent just milling about .. doing the boredom adventures in laundry mayhem, oh and driving the boy to his most beautiful GF's house .. because he forgot his wallet the night before at somebodies house, and that somebody lives an hour away .. so he is retrieving it today from the person via the skytrain station ... and guess who will be driving him there ?? ! WE have concluded hat the boy is an attractent for copper type people. He just has to smile at one, and they follow him. ALL. THE. TIME. Hence .. when he forgot his wallet .. I suggested that he not put fate in his hands and not have an actual drivers license to produce if they pull him over. The fellow can't catch a break ... despite being a clean cut character that he is ... I am still in the clear with the tattoo business ... he isn't confidant that it's something that he needs .. even though a whack of his friends are busily inking themselves till the cow come home ... That boy of mine is concerned about how people will perceive him .. if he is loaded with tattoos, at an important job interview .. at least that is what he has told me. Very well, I will go with that ... Todays light adventures have already happened ... so the real trick here is ... it can also serve as an energy source for getting rid of wrinkles .. uhmmm hello ... welcome to my face infrared technology !! I am still completely intrigued and beyond fascinated with these infrared LED lights. Today marks a month that I have purchased my own set, and this is when the real healing of that little foot has taken place. Completely whacko scary and exciting ... all in the same breath! I am hoping that todays pain threshold will just STFU, and be silent and let me do my thing .. whatever that may be. Other than that .. I have motored my way through laundry, breakfast and watering the business about the yard .. not too industrious .. and yet just enough ... for 10:30 in the morning .. ha ha ha ha ha ha ... as the rest of the world runs marathons around me ! Well ... just because I'm light girl .. doesn't mean that I work at the speed of light .. I mean . ... c'mon !

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