Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what would i like??

i think i would like some almond milk... oh yes i would.

The rain is drizzling, the house is all quiet, with the exception of someone doing some loud sleeping, and me doing doing some clicking. I can hear the trains motoring thru the night, and a diesal truck finding it's way to somewhere....

My next location will be the den... where the television of excitement is... that will for sure lull me into some sort of comatose state. I wish hockey was on right now... that would surely have me drifting off nicely.

Have just been to facebook world... and holy creepers most everybody is quite excited. Well... with one exception.... moi! Clearly I have a sickness about hockey... a certain dislike attitude, a rather strong aversion, almost similar to the skunk like smell that lingered about last evening. My favourite part of the game is the last three seconds!

In things that are almost happening:

The boy is almost willing to go on camera for me to record him playing the piano. DONT mistake this as a shy guy that doesn't wish to play in front of the masses, or doesn't like the all eyesbulbs on him.... quite the opposite... so I am getting closer in my attempts... now I just need to find the little digital!

The Pippy makes a good orphan! I saw her in her costume yesterday.... with her hair all a flub, and badly matched clothing... she looked good. One thing... how do we do orhpan make up...? Will have to ask that of somebody... now sure who.

Alright moving onto the television now!

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Deanna said...

Once again, unable to comment directly, so here is what I have to say.

I look forward to the piano recording with great anticipation. Having seen him play previously, I know this will be something to savor!! Come on Gman!

From my friend Susan!

(How does that work for you....? I just copy and paste... and here you are!)