Monday, April 19, 2010


Report just in... things that are gone:
  • The RED barn pictured below!
  • Laundry off the laundry room floor!
  • The SEWING MACHINE clutter off the kitchen counter!
  • The family has left for the day!
  • My green waste container... (which I am looking forward to filling again!)
  • The black blobs down in the fields.... (haven't even seen a spring one yet!)
  • One of my favourite blogs....!
Better stop there... the list could be endLIST! HA!

So yes... about that red barn.... so strange. I LOVED that barn... I really did. It was just so perfect sitting in the back of the field... doing nothing but aging beautifully.. and now there isn't a remnent left of a red barn. (I STOLE the milk can in the KNICK of time... because last week it was all boarded up... so I am thankful that I took pictures before that disaster happened, and now this week... that the RED BARN is no more!)

This week in excitement involves the fact that THEY have made new episodes of "say yes to the dress". YOU have to love that!

AND AND AND... I did take a vacation day to go to a seminar on Saturday.. so smilingly will not be working both days this weekend.. but will still be in the same location anyways.. going to a seminar!

I must start planning out the flower situation for the yard... on top of cleaning up the yard, on top of trimming the yard, on top of removing the evil "not morning glory but behaves like morning glory" plant life that is growing all around the perimeter of my yard.... this work MUST be done between rain storms... which are kind of arriving this week... so says my favourite mark madryga.

AND AND AND AND... must check on the eaglets situation that is happening all around me,... including on this computer screen, and down on the dyke. it makes for a busy one!

OK... over and out.

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