Monday, April 12, 2010

Sporting this:

An unfinished dress... (just simply can't be bothered!)
A new OLD milkcan, freshly TAKEN from a red barn.
No cell phone, gave it to the boy, where the boy left it at the GF's house.
That's a problem.
Bad hair!
Which is always the case, and generally a problem.
Two children with colds, the eldest went to the school.
The youngest didn't.
She might... as she has pizza fixings to prepare with her partner.
A great read that needs to be accomplished.
An almost an anniversary to celebrate... OK, maybe not... how about recognize.
THANKFUL there isn't freaking HOCKEY.
Found some summer runners I wish to buy, mind you .. they wont be $20.00 cheaper this week, so maybe I won't buy them.
Straighter glasses. Had those lenscrafters people turn their back on me, and straighten them yet again... I am just not certain what exactly they do when they straighten them... but they are always straighter when they are put back on my face. Hmmmm.

That is all.

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