Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the girl whispered to the boy....

Be very careful JimmyDean, Momda might have just gone a little over that big deep edge.
JimmyDean crept around the corner, and with his long legged ways tip toed into the den... where I was sitting eyeing him suspiciously and of course watching the last moments of Chris Carter, yet another Global TV guy that I love... sorry Mark... love you too, but I must spread my loving worshipness around...

JimmyDean tells me that he should be very careful, he thought maybe I would start telling him weird stories and calling out random orders of business. When I did just that, he breathed a sigh of relief... I was still in fact me, and clearly not on "that" edge that the sister claimed I was on.

In other things humorous:

I haven't been paid since January for my community work. How strange. There seems to be a bit of silent uprising because of this... and yet nobody has come to me yet with either a cheque or an explanation.

JimmyDean desperately needs to learn some piano music... in his pleading tones, and dramatic ways he comes to me yesterday evening and begs..."can't you just get me another lesson.. just one more lesson... I NEED ANOTHER LESSON.... YOU know how much I can learn in JUST ONE LESSON!!!"  His eyes were all crazed and he was fidgetylike... I think he is suffereing from a case of "piano-crack". Poor JimmyDean.

Fussilina reminded me yesterday that today would be two months since "Till" departed our homestead... "oh".. says me... I am liking our new "till"... she sports around the house wearing two jingles, leaves little hair, and we don't need to worry about getting her outside, AND, we don't need to worry about feeding her... AND, if we forget about her for a day... she doesn't seem to mind either. The old "Till" and the new "Till" are very much the same in that they are very silent... except when moving around the home, and that is when the jingling can be heard. The added bonus is the fact that we can now THROW this Till around... the other Till we couldn't pick up... if we did, she would apply magnets to her feet and make it impossible to pick her up... not even sure why averagelyjoesane-ish people wish to pick up their german shepherd dogs... but sometimes it must be done...

I went out and moved some plants around in the front yard yesterday... I am feeling the need to purchase some more magic...I need them to be perrenials, and preferrably ones that do not look like dandelions!

In dramatic issues:

My Tim Hortons isn't tasting so TimHortonish.
JimmyDean wishes to go see the play at his highschool (the wedding singer). JimmyDean is his own schoolplay.
Fusslinas play (annie) will be acted out this month... clearly our 25 dollars worth of ugly purchases of clothing and boots were not ugly enough, and she must purchase more ugliness for the play. I am thinking not... maybe I will take a match and burn the semi-ugly sweater and lessly ugly blouse into a firey mess... that will clearly make them much uglier, and of far better performance value.

In issues that are confusing to me, and which I NEED SOME ADVICE!

Should I wash my car, or not....?

Almost everyday I make my way down to the bear location... I am on the MAD hunt for some spring photos of my black beauties... and yet I must drive down a dusty and mucky road for a short distance to see them... so what is the point... I wish it to be indigo blue and lovely and shiney... but my love for the perfect photo is really high upon the wishing list... what to do what to do....?

As always... clearly, deeply, semi-crazy!

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