Wednesday, April 07, 2010

8 degrees

That is what the temperature outside that the car keeps telling me what it is...

It has to be, cause the car says so.

I just can't figure out HOW I WAS ABLE to go walking in a thin yoga jacket and pants when it was:

2 degrees.

It had to be, cause the car told me so.

And from what I know... my little Indigo Blue Mazda5 doesn't lie!

I might... but the car doesn't.

BUT I am not lying when I say that I walked in 2 degree weather.

ALTHOUGH I will claim that I was senseless and more than likely almost frozen...

BECAUSE I am frozen now, in 6 more degrees of warmth.

How can that be people... HOW?

In other things:

The boy had to get himself up and organized for school this am, minus and ADULT to tell him to wake up, get ready, and go to school.... and that to me is a larger question at the moment...

How can THAT be people... HOW????

Will find out later if he was successful... because the automated tattling system will call me... that's how!

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