Tuesday, February 09, 2010

letters, letters, letters...

So I am going to write letters to people that I am asking for things... and more things, and even more things...I want it all, and I want it for FREE!

My friend is going to write letters to the editor about the idoticness of this human race, and their complete failure to abide by what is asked of them.

My sister is yelling at people in pool change rooms when the showering woman SPITS... and the sister yells "HAE!...that is a rude and disgusting habit, the sign says NO SPITTING, so DON'T SPIT!!!!"

(Not sure what this new age of spitting has been caused from... but it's here...)

WELL.. onto other adventures greater than my mind....


Chaos is my Life said...

lol...okay....if I lose a pound, my boobs shrink to AAA+!

And my letter is a coming....too busy "crafting" for the husbandman!

Susan said...

"Bra shopping was a bust!"
I love your choice of words!

Go Janet! Yell at the digusting spitting pig lady!

BUMPLATE That is the sectret word verification of the day here! Some of these non-words are so funny.

Keith updated the computer last night so I can actually leave you a comment!