Sunday, February 07, 2010

green onions are back

The boy has come up with playing some evil clown music, and some stuffed dog music. If there is such a thing. But you know... if anyone can come up with stuffed dog music... it would be this household... namely the boy.

LATEST adventures in Grammy World would be his famous MOM DANCING. One day when I get ONE of the many zillions of cameras that his household owns back from the camera fixing place back in ONTARIO.... I will video him.... it's all scarey.

Otherwise... he dances around this homestead... like a soulman.... and looking like my buddy Prince William... but he is not like that... he is really "back in the New York groove.."

I haven't taken any pictures... perhaps illness has set in.. like I am sick in the brain illness... it hasn't been without wanting... just so THE WORLD knows that.

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