Friday, February 19, 2010

lazy factor

As I was out and about yesterday.... what did I spy..?

Many grass cutters out there!

Yes people... it's the winter olympics in Vancouver BC.... and we are ALL in need of cutting our lawns, and fixing up our yards!

I am confident that a certain someone would have a BIG BIRD if I were to haul out the lawn mower and give the lawn a manicure.

So instead I will wash walls and windows... because you know... opening the doors to the great outside and staring at the grass will certainly aid in the lazy factor..

1 comment:

Chaos is my Life said...

Please don't cut the grass....doing so will suredly make me claw my throat and eyeballs out!!

p.s. word verification = "tersti" in "thirsty", but....more like a 3 year old would say it.