Monday, February 08, 2010

Adventures in ...

I have no adventures... did ONE of you really think that I would come up with some sort of adventure... to even make noteworthy... let alone write about.. oh you silly folks.


I am going to buy a new BRA this week. That should be an adventure.

I am going to watch the girl sing with 550 other kids in the choir at the Olympic torch festivities on Thursday. That should be an adventure.

I believe that somehow I was going to go up Grouse Mountain this week. That should be an adventure.

I might be able to see someone famous this week. That should be an adventure.

See.. by the END of the week, I might have had some adventures...

So all of you out there in the great big world... hold your breathe... because I am going on an adventure.

Nothing better than to be in the midst of a new adventure with a NEW BRA!


Susan said...

I am looking forward to the adventure details and Photos!

Chaos is my Life said...

I just took my constricting bra off...but that might be too much information.

In other news....the Aleks man took a ride up "the gondola" today...I hugged and kissed him prior to his departure...I wished him well. He loved it and wondered what "all the fuss was about". Just wait till he's a father and has "worries" "the gondola".

Until then...."the bears" are in good shape...apparently....awaiting our arrival!