Friday, August 16, 2013

Just in case:

You were thinking that I have nothing to say or write.


I have started using Google Chrome. UHMmmmm ... despise the blog lay out with this view, and the font. I'm not fond of the font. Good thing I am not eating fondant on top of the fondness of this font. Now we are talking a fine fondant font fuck up.

YES PEOPLE. That is a magical word. It continues to describe all. In one short quick slap in the head sort of way.

In other things far less fondless font taled:

I am on a time crunch today .. I have to get myself organized, and shipped off .. in an effort to visit my friend .. at her BRAND NEW HOUSE. Now that's exciting .. and I thought driving a BRAND NEW CAR was exciting .. well it was .. but now living in a brand new house .. well, how cool is that !?

Of course .. given the fact that I live in pretty much a brand new home and an old foundation .. I should qualify in the perfect sounding Bob Barker sort of way .. A BRAND NEW HOUSE should remain a constant in my world .. of thoughts.

I am going to have to make a bee-line for he bathroom .. as the boy has to work .. and I have heard his alarm go off ten thousand times .. but alas .. my toothbrush is still tucked away ... and since my time crunch is equal to his .. I could be sent to the bottom of the wait list if he makes it in there before me .. given that we have ONE SUPER NOW OLD NEEDS TO BE RENO'D bathroom in this house ... All is good .. I retrieved all things that are required to step out of the home and into public view .. oh lucky me .. or should I say THEM.

So in other things that are looking not great:

My hanging baskets. Next year I have a whole new plan of attack. AND attack I will do. The situation here people is the very fact that at the beginning of the season I purchased well grown plants, which of course look hugely lovely .. the very second you adorn them to your home. I have been diligent in the feeding of the food department, and the watering ways of this world I live in .. but then there simply comes a time when these lovely overgrown leaf machines just begin to get too big for their britches and grow out of their pots. With the success of the summer weather .. the baskets have taken a blow at trying to remain beautiful .. they simply just look exhausted from growing, and enduring the heat of the day ... SO NEXT YEAR .. my plan is to remove these lovely plants from their purchased pots, and extend their life by setting them in a larger hanging pot, with a fresh crop of dirt ... THEN ... at this time of the year when they look weathered, wilted and done ... they will have continued life .. and myself .. will have continued work doing all the watering of these finely growing pot busting beasts. Or so I think this is how it's going to go.

So I was afraid of a dog the other night. It was as big as a calf, and heading straight for me. Yes peeps .. I for the three seconds feared for my life .. or at least my ability to stand as it ran at me .. and almost knocked me over .. all he wanted was a giant pat on his huge german shepherd head ... he was extra lovely .. despite looking like a little calf and all. So our little guy .. was half the size of this grandious speciman .. so so so so so thankful .. that I do not have a little cow running through my home .. although somedays ... I have zombies, and wombats, and tazmanian devils .... just in case you began to think that I run a normal homestead .. 

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