Thursday, August 29, 2013

wish wish away

That's the title for today.

I wish for a ton of things in my life .. who doesn't ... who wouldn't?

Maybe it is more for wanting ... I want for a great many things in this life .. who wouldn't .. who doesn't?!

Currently I am wishing for the big  FURRY boy to stop digging holes ... in the NOW ugly back yard. Now that's a definite wish.

I was talking to my friend the other day ... she said to me that it was way way way easier to follow along on this blog .. only because she knew me in person. Otherwise .. I guess I can only guess that the lines of wordisms get a bit scattered and scary .... and sort of leaves the reader question the writers sanity.

Fair enough.

I'm sorta crazy ISH. I'm guessing .. this time .. I will not be wishing on that thought. But I have this:

In other things:

Let me see ... let me see ...

So I went to a wedding on Saturday. I was the last person to be invited. I know that because I walked into the wedding while waiting for the boy .. who was invited to play at the wedding, except he didn't end up playing. Not that he couldn't play .. at the end of all the waiting .... there was a system malfunction with the equipment. He packed up his keyboard in the middle of the dance floor (an outdoor wedding) ... while people danced all around him. Interesting. Then we left.

Earlier in the moment:

The young servers were passing around desserts .. I decided to pass on my dessert since I was now sitting in someone elses abandoned seat ... however ... I passed my dessert to the superiorly skinny video taping guy ... he liked desserts A LOT. The second time around with dessert I passed him mine again, which  still wasn't mine anyways. That video guy looked like he needed to eat at least three peoples dinners and desserts to make up for lost time spent not eating at other functions in his life. This is the business he is in ... so he attends a lot of weddings ... eating desserts .... but probably not this amount ... especially when the keyboardists mother shows up and starts rounding up desserts for the poor soul! Except he didn't look poor ... he just looked like he could afford to eat many many desserts ... for days on end. Then the wedding people started their first dance ... the faceplant boys were up next ... albeit only two of them. That is generally how I think of them .. singlely ... or in multiples. Good thing I was dressed in my regular attire of khaki coloured cropped pants, with my matching polar fleece vest. THANK GAWD for polar fleece vests .. in the summer time. It was brisk ... now this late into the evening ..

Earlier into the event ...

I wished the Bride and Groom happiness .. as I walked past ... , they offered me food drink and desserts ... and made it to where the Jim was sitting with of course a random stranger .. nice guy. The Jim says .. "why does this not surprise me that you are here ?" So I  sat down .... I introduced myself as the driver ... oh .. which I was also his mother. The tables looked pretty .. as the backyard was getting dark ... so the candles were now being lit.

Just prior to the invitation:

I was rolling along the road to which the address of the wedding was taking place. I saw the lead singer from the band .... and asked if they had The Jim tied up to a tree ... and where they done yet ? The lead singer said they hadn't sang yet .. but they were up next .. after the first dance. In the meantime ... the lead singer, who's girlfriends mother was getting remarried and her two sister and their dates were all out taking iphone instagrams ... well ... I am not doing anything ... even if I were to drive home NOW .. I would have to turn around and come back for the Jim ... in what .. an hour ? They all agreed .. I took photos of the six of them .. and in couples .. with their phones ... they all suggested I should just go to the wedding and wait in there .. instead of driving around looking for things to do ...

As I returned from an errand:

I was waiting on the Jim to be finished with his gig ...I decided to take some photos for instagram, and found a couple cool photos .. as the sun was setting, ... I then drove down a side street and saw what looked to be a mentally challenged fellow out delivering newspapers ... I thought to myself ... whoa ... does he have someone with him ... how is managing that massive cart of newspapers ... so I scanned the horizon for a car or person that would have been following him ... which I did not see. So I continued on doing what I was doing ... until I heard "excuse me" ... in somewhat of a slight accent .. and there stood before was a young man loaded down with a massive suitcase, and a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, holding onto a phone. He asked if he could use my phone ... as his didn't have a sim card .. the other one (which he pulled out) was dead ... he was fresh off the plane from Austria ... had travelled to Lang.ley on a bus from Y.VR, had been wondering around Lang.ley for three hours ... and was completely lost. He was trying to make it to his friends place ... where he was going to stay for a week, before he went back to U.BC for the second year of his Engineering Physicist program. We texted his friend ... eventually made contact ... got the guys address, we hauled his 10,000 pounds of suitcase into my car ... with him holding my phone handing me directions ... delivered him to his friends house ... and I let him drink all my flavoured water .. cause I assured him I hadn't drank any ... I decided that despite me just getting new glasses in April ... clearly I wasn't seeing what I thought I could see. That ... or I had just met the Austrian version of George Kastanza. Where in that country George wished to be an Engineer ...

And I waited ...

I dropped the Jim off ..he unloaded the car with his gear ... the lead singer spoke ... "we are running a little behind" ... he said ... So I asked ... do I hang out in Lang.ley and just wait ... or do I go home ... "Oh hang out ... we should be good to go in an hour" ... he said to me. Not a problem ... me, a phone, some glasses and book ... this will work ... just as long as I don't get lost over here ... I will find something to do !

Three phone calls later ...

The Jim and I drove around looking for addresses that do not exist in an industrial district ... what the heck ... how do these places just disappear from a map ...?

The sidetrip:

I FLY to the mall .. and make a STAT purchase of a black belt and white tie. It's kinda freaking me out. Black shirt and white tie ? Seriously ..

The Job:

The Jim waits on The Sir ... so that The Jim can go help This Sir help him with a side job... just at the house behind us. Not a problem .. except that The Sir has been running behind all day ... unbeknownst to The Sir, The Jim is needing to get to the mall. He needs to make a side trip.

The rush:

I'm ironing The Jim's pants ... he is in semi melt down mode ... he set up the ironing board, collected his dress wear ... and trying to find the lead singer ... so he can offer up some directions to the location that The Jim is supposed to be.

The haircut:

I can't believe it ... The Jim managed his first hair appointment without me .. well ... not without me .. but without my bank account attached. CAN. NOT BELIEVE. IT. Of course I booked the haircut ... texted back and forth .. and talked to the hair cutter lady while I sat in the salon ... The Jim isn't quite up to that amount of hair cutting work yet.

The shopping trip:

The Jim went to the mall to do a good deed for his friend ... well ... she was applying for a job ... he was purchasing his first pair of REAL dress shoes ... now this is when you know that your youngster is growing into a fine young fellow ... when he comes home with a beautiful pair of dress shoes.

A cancellation request:

So The Jim is fresh into his graduation experience ... he is doing very well for himself.... as in .. just getting himself established in life .... he doesn't know exactly where he is headed, but has enough smarts in his head to know that he definitely needs to work to keep afloat .. and definitely knows that his current job will not be his lifetime achievement .. but clearly knows it's a place of growth ..and freedom to cancel a shift if he has to ... because he doesn't need to worry about real life quite yet ... so .. he cancels his saturday 8 hour shift. Which was from 7-3.

The Text:

So we need to play at my girlfriends moms wedding ... be there by 5 .. don't be late ... we are going to play for about 20 minutes ... probably around 5:15 - 5:30.


I bet my faithful readers were wishing right now that they had read from the bottom up .. well not today peeps .. not today ... just daring to be different ... or is that just wishful thinking?

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