Friday, August 23, 2013

Comedy strikes hard


Like, ... yesterday when the cutesy furry boy named ANGUS .. who should actually be renamed MENACE .. insisted on his shell adventuring ways.

Oh .. nice .. I live at the beach .. !!!

Comedy folks. Just comedy.

Oh no I don't ... however ... a large number of years ago ... I began to be adventuresome in the shell collecting ways ...

AND so now .. so has the dog! Everyday he's out ... hunting for shells ... and shell bits, and searching heartily so he can be that true shell worthy spirit .. that I once was.

CAN I just say that a shell collecting dog ... is actually kinda sorta deeply scary ... because now he chews that shit like a kid with a package of bubblegum stuffed in his face.

Shell collecting .. what was I thinking ...

In other things:

Today's event will be a rather large endeavour .. one of which is a bit of a freakfest into what it is that I actually deem important .. and what NEEDS TO GO.

I am emptying out my filing cabinet ... because things like knitting needles and empty bottles of scrapbooking glue I believe are now housed in there ... and because things are really never where they should be ... I have a lovely rattan basket stuffed with papers and such that belong someplace .. I think like a filing cabinet or something .. but I could be blatantly wrong with that one.

Which would be why I am so conveniently writing this little story ... to keep the agony portion of this hideous task at more than a arms reach away. I am going to will the phone to ring at any moment... certainly that will divert my attention ... deep into next week. I can only pray.

In other things even more un-newsworthy!

The girl went off to Jam Camp this week. I don't have a clue what it's all about ... other than I believe people jam .. she did bring her guitalele. Hopefully she doesn't fall on it as she trips her way over the rocks towards the beach where they can take that attractive beach sunset picture ... or not. In other things that I really don't have a clue about ... is how she is getting home. I mean .. I drove her to the ferry terminal ... and dropped her off .. with her friends ... but I didn't inquire as to how they would return from the ferry terminal ... to the homeland. Ooooops. I guess I should have questioned the organizer a tad bit more. FUSS ... your maja really does love ya ... I just forget to ask a pertinent question ... that's all. Oh well .. I guess she will text me from the ferry terminal of her need for a ride ... if she has enough battery power left on her phone. ... public phones .... ewwwwwwww ... what are those anyways ?

In other things lacking of details:

I got my hair coloured yesterday ... PROFESSIONALLY. People .... all my lovely readers and followers ... what the HELL was I thinking all those years .. ? Oh .. I know .. the MONEY factor .. right any rate ... now I sit in a chair .. and someone colours my hair for me ... and I LOVE IT. However .. I have realized that the next time the magical hair colour fest will take place .. this little chickster is going to need some foils dabbled around ... I now see the space in the hair where the foils once were ..and where they should be .. that's ok ... only a singular hair wash in .. and half the colour will wash out .. I'm certain of it.

In things of the OCD nature:

Is it troubling to be continuously looking out the backdoor incase a bear is walking through the yard? Last week I spoke of the black barrel that needed to be moved .. so .. that was project el completo .. however; I am still busily turning my head to make sure that I don't see a bear wondering through ... as my little mister furry menace would be spooked and rattled by this sort of character drifting through ... currently the furry menaces pre occupation would be the squirrel that scitters through the tree tops irritating the living daylights out of mr springy paws.

In things that keep my spy paycheques coming:

There was a house that was rebuilt two summers ago. They reconfigured the house .. so now instead of a kitchen that resides at the back, it is now a bedroom. For a long while it did not have blinds ... and now the home has been ideally outfitted with blinds blinds and more blinds, which is all lovely ... except for the fact that the blinds never move. So where they once had an abundance of light ... they have moved to the darkside? Not that I really give a crap about the such things ... I just notice the blinds never move, up down open or shut. EVER. I guess they are MOLE people that inhabit the home ... but that's just cause I am a spy.

My coffees cold, ... and this basket of stuff is just screaming at me ... looks like I better get moving ... and sort out all this dead tree shit.

Special thoughts go out to my loyal reader peeps ... including Elton John, and George Clooney .. oh and Steve Martin .. cause I know you three guys always are on the up and up with the great goods being spit out here on a semi regular basis.

OH .. and in other things of NO IMPORTANCE whatsoever ... I read that The Real Housewives of Vancouver was put on hold ... (CANCELLED ?) ... OK ... thank you BRAVO ... these woman were portrayed completely AWFUL ... and unfortunately were highly plastic ... yuk ... so .. that is just so not VANCOUVER. Well .. I guess in reality NONE of Real Housewives are any good ... just a display of look at how much money we have to play with .. and we still can't be nice.

Well .. that's comedy .. striking hard.

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