Wednesday, August 14, 2013

twitter me timbers

So I have become a twitter - ite. Different than a hutterite, or a mini-mite but not far different from a bug bite. I'm bugged by the twitterlyness of my fingertips. for no reason other than to promote the "you know whos". Hey .. Justin Beiber's kind mother did it over YouTube .. why not myself over the twitter lands? Other than .. I just keep re-tweeting the same thing, or the semi same thing, or partially the same thing .. but then again .. what really is twitter anyways .. fragmented thoughts in need of decoding. Well HOLY SHITBALLS .. bingo .. that's me on a daily basis.

In other things that have me into a twittered frenzy:

Little mr monkey boy has done a fine job of crafting up a complete mess outside in the perrenial section of the yard. I was just thinking to myself last week that we got lucky with mr monkey and his gardening adventures .. when ... like the people mind reading dog that he is ... he started in on my garden .. and finding objects of desire .. this past week it has been my perfect picket fence gate, and now the amazingly seasoned wooden clog has been turfed into the trash. The wire basket that was perfectly place to keep the seedum in place has been deconstructed, and now the plants are perfectly positioned .. all over the ground. The impatience pot .. has been knocked over twice .. however the cute little white urn type plant holding device has withstood Mr. Monkey boys advances.

In other news:

The girl is home from her week long adventure at Gramas Baking Camp (aka a visit with her grama) .. and the boy is home from his weekend worthy adventure with the music  making band fellows. Well .. and of now of course my Laundry Boy has decided that trying to get into the dryer would be a good idea. MUST. GO. NOW. ... rescue the dryer .. and cure this case of twitter-itis.

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