Friday, August 09, 2013

Twitter me crazy

So I have this son .. The crazy piano playing Walmart working GRADUATED son of mine !! He is busily being a committed band member .. Called The Faceplants. Buy their music, it's on iTunes, and its good listening. Oh wait .. I'm a LIAR .. It STUPENDOUS listening. Raw talent ... Converging to create phenomenal music. 

Except .. I can't figure out ... Am I the only one that believes this ... They have even a larger number songs now that are UNRECORDED !!! ok .. Omagawd ... These guys need to get into the studio and record their stuff -----




NOT !!!!

How do people find these guys in this age and time. To watch them, to listen to them ... It's SERIOUSLY amazing .. I can't be the only person that sees this .... 

So a band that has NO MONEY   ( well they gave a 1996 grand GREEN caravan that they TOUR IN !!).. and NO REPRESENTATION has to go about this world remaining unknown ... and then along came  twitter ... And some video ..

I kid you not oh loyal followers .. I have been spam tweeting a shit ton of anyone's out there in this Universe .... These guys have got a beautiful sound that DESERVES to be sitting in people's iPods and airwaves ... And suddenly .. It's my job to get it there ....

Well ... Not suddenly .. It's more like HIGH TIME this music made it there .. Stay tuned you twitterites !!! 

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