Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's a new day ... along with a new year.

Sounds like a religious experience.

But it's not.

Today .. well .. off I went, had a shower, got all tidied up, just to put on my oompa pants, and then on a whim reached to bring my running pants .. and off I went to drive the Jimston over to school, and then bypass the rainy weather, and assorted tracks and headed to Port Moody ... 4 miles later in the cover of the rec centre I decided I was done. I probably could have stayed for hours .. but knew that wouldn't be the best of decisions ...

I still have a wait list of excitement waiting for me in the homestead .. of which I must tend to .. sometime this year....

Yesterday I fell upon an opportunity that I was most pleased with .. I was asked to accompany a friend, but not accompany a friend .. and all I had to do was sit and wait for her .. except I didn't sit and wait .. I just took my camera and wondered around the little side streets. That was fun ... in the pouring rain ... learning the configurations and limitations of my camera .. the limitations were more than likely all me ... anyways .. I was pleased with the outcome .. of sorts.... but more importantly it gave me the confidence to continue to press buttons, and shift film speed and aperatures for greater effect.

That reminds me ... I bought a groupon for another camera learning experience ... I better get that sorted out!

Well .. it's the beginning of the year .. surely the adventures will be of great excitement and even more excitement ... ya .. believable ...

Interestingly though the principal called from the Celista school district and told us that they had found our dog Cicely ... as the german shepherd had a tag on it with that name, and our phone number ... uhm ... I asked the fellow ... I guess Celista is considered heaven on earth I said to him ... because unless she is getting kicked out of heaven .. because she has been gone for a great many years ... Poor Prance ... can't even cut it in doggy heaven .. what a crazy lovely evil queen she was!

As the clock ticks on .. so do the chores .. pop cans are klitanking.

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