Monday, January 16, 2012

Now it's sunny .. with snow falling.

There's a little clear patch in the sky above ... with the sunshine peaking through. Kinda cool .. however ... all the cameraness in the world will not capture the excitement of the moment. Really.

Blue skies above us... with a hint of snow trickling through. Interesting.

In other things of great interest ... my hair colour is brown, with a huge hint of grey falling ... Interesting.

Given the fact that I did not run my group today ... (weather condtions leave people having to leave their homes in MAYBE ways that could make them slip) .. I have the time to perfect my hair back to the perfect brown-ness ... ok not perfect brown-ness, but some assorted flavour of colouring more than the colour grey. Ick.

In other things ...

The boyson has a new love interest. Yae him. Yae for the mother that loves the new love interest ... only because the new love interest is in fact in love with school. While love is still young and blossom filled .. will happily regard the situation as a walk towards the light! I will not speak of the torrent of dark cloud that has cast it's ugly shadow over our homestead for a great number of months in attempts to get the boyson to the education system.

I have been told that my work to get him to the education system is one that shouldn't be done, and in fact enabling the boyson to continue to behave in a manner that is far than admireable. My response to the pointedness of the facts include the simple and mere truth ... I never wish to look back and say "what if". "If only" ... "Maybe if I" ...  The truth of the matter be told ... is this exhausting .. YES. Is this equivalent to hammering your head against a wall? YES.  Is this torcher one that will have a positive outcome? Perhaps not.

BUT ... at least my inner soul will not be one of regret if there comes a day that the boy doesn't make it to the end of school. It wont be because I gave up on him. It wont be because I just couldn't be bothered any longer. It wont be because I gave him the OUT of not going. It wont be that he somehow decided it was OK not to complete his education.

BECAUSE he is a very smart kid .. eventually he will get it ... even though he doesn't quite get it yet .. I have been told by many people .. "if he doesn't want to go to school .. and won't get out of bed ... then just leave him .. let him fail". OK .. how about NO. How about ... everyday he join the grind .. every day he makes an attempt to join in with the rest of the ranks and plug his way through the system ... just the same way we all have to. Everyday that he remains in the school system the is actually under somebodies radar. Everyday that he joins in with the school system ... somebody will influence him ... Everyday that we trudge our way to school and not giving him an out to excuse himself from the rest of the world ... there's the lesson. Like I know .. he's a smart guy ... he can make it through the work requirements ... if only I can get him through the life requirements.

YES .. it is soul taxing on my part, on the families part. Is it completely stressful getting this hugely smart young man to the four walls that will eventually lead to his freedom? Yes.

Is it worth it?

It's priceless.

See, blue skies .. with a little snow falling ...

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