Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well look at that...

I am back ... at the old interface.

GAWD ... how I love this interface ...

Not certain how a box, and tabs across the top, and tan coloured sections can put one at great ease, but it has with me.

In other news:

I forgot to send the cheque with the boy. How shocking is that.

In MORE important news:

I charged my new watch ... holy crap is that ever cool ... I signed in with my FB account ... and now it has all my activity from April of last year, of course with the exceptions of all the times that I did not use my ipid to do my walking/running with. Very cool. The NIKE people have suggested that I try bumping up my work outs .. ya, sure NIKE people, not a problem. FRUITACAKE you, if you know what I mean. I will just bring the menial labourers on board to clear the way for mamma oompa to powerhouse around the town at all hours of the day so that I can increase my workout time. Somedays I look in the fridge and wonder who is really in charge of this whole grocery shopping thing anyways.

That's always been a confusing one.

WELL .. I am just so relieved. .... I just love this interface. That will teach me for clicking buttons that lead to possible great black holes ... yes people, I do believe that if I change this layout I could manage to find myself in  that very blackhole ... and upon being a semi-interested learned one ... those blackholes have quite a bit of gravity going for them.


I spied the bears trails yesterday .. holy crumble cakes (better write this quietly .. he might come knocking) ... has he made a mess out there ... omagawd a mess and a half. If you take the time to peer through the bushes ... he has crap scattered all over the place. AND ... it was comical to see this large black object fly through the air yesterday ... and plop into the bushes ... that I know was scaredy cat running and jumping ... what a bad boy he is.

All this talk of running and jumping .. better be off ...

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