Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And because I dont get around much ...

Even more fences. Well ... I was out waiting for a friend ... and I had my camera ... with non other than the 70 -300 mm range ... so uhm .. right ... off I trudged in the rain, (but not as much the following day, so thankful for little things !) ... I wasn't quite sure what to start experimenting with .. so I just randomly started finding fences ... because there are lots .. and many that we don't see because of the walls that surround them. Hm. Believe that.

Anyways ... it forced me to go crazy with trying to figure out using different features on the camera ... and I even went into the very scary mode of MANUAL. I joined a camera club ... because in reality .. it's the right thing to do ... given that I am an enthusiast, or a wannabe. Not sure.

I signed up for another two hour camera course ... in the perfect DIM light of January. I wanted to know if we were going out in the wet weather .. she suggested that I wait til May or June. I told her that I wanted to figure out settings in the this remarkable low and dreary days that follow us around for months on end. In reality ... it is easy to take pictures of things with colour, and manage to make the pictures look interesting and thought provoking ... it is even more challenging to take what is grey, feed it light, and make that interesting. But that is only me ... thinking that thought.

There's that whole issue of discussing cameras with people. It's hard. They ask, you tell them. Then the pause. It's interesting talk.

In other things:

The school just called .. they wanted money from me.... for Mr Outstanding. I asked the lady what they were for ... she said that she was only covering, making phone calls, and when would I be coming in to pay the $145.00 in fees. I asked her when would somebody be able to call me back when they could tell me what I was paying for. She told me Home Economics. I told her Mr. Outstanding wasn't in Home Economics, and would I be bringing in the check today. No. Not today.

In other things:

The school just called. I owe them money. $45.00. Whew. Good thing I didn't relent the first time around.

In other things:

Personal comedy at it's finest.

Oh .. and saw the bear jump into the bush this morning. I didn't see if he had another garbage in tow, because clearly that has been his winter occupation, since sleeping isn't the first thing for this bad boy to be doing.
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