Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And if at first

You don't go crazy .. try try again.

Yes people .. that is my profound achievement for the day.

I didn't have to try very hard .. and well will you look at that ... I have already completely mastered my first task!


In other things less exciting but more noteably:

Trying hard to make sense of the boys band, and their attempts at moving forward, given the fact that he makes up 30% of the musical creativity.

So, for now will have to ignore that one ... unless I need to call a lawyer. AND if that's the case .. well then you know that things have definitely gone SOUTH!

Went to my camera group last night. Again .. interesting .. EXCEPT for the hum in the room, where the already QUIET talkers were muffled by the hum. It took all my restraint (as the new comer sitting in the dark) ... to not wildly hiss ..."STAND UP and talk you FREAKS ... the old guy on the other side just SAID .. "I can't hear you ... " I will be allowed back due to my stealthly silence.

I can't wait actually, because along with anything that I do ... it becomes an experiment into the human mind ... I love to see where people get there passion .. and how they project themselves onto an image - in relation to how they master their shots. I wonder if I'm just too simple .. I try and do as little editing as possible. I get quite perturbed when the camera can't see what I see ... so in effect I am left to fiddle and faddle with settings that help me to project my intentions.

One lady stated: "I shoot RAW". That's nice. I eat things that are RAW. Big deal.

I loved Harry's photos ... except that Harry shouldn't take pictures of his hands. Harry's hands were something strait out of a 1700 century warrior ... squishing grapes too boot. I'm not sure if my reaction was one of complete repulsion or extreme fascination.

I also LOVED Grant's photos. He's left handed. Of course I would love his photos. GAWD. How's that for writing on the wall.

Then there was the computer operator girl with the skinny ankles that didn't click NEXT on the slide show fast enough when it came to the ugly pictures. There were the gasps of WOW-NESS when the shots of the singular rose flashed upon the screen. Hello. Macro. Lens. Big. Whoop.

GIVE ME SOMETHING that I can sink my teeth into ... as in .. TELL me what the aperture was for the snowy owl .. and did you shoot in aperture .. or how did you shoot it .. and what was the ISO.. and tell me the F stop. Please. Left handed GRANT didn't have to ... because his photos were REMARKABLE.

So ya .. moving on ...

The snowman is melting .. I should get a picture of him .. while I still can ...

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