Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I liked the old layout.

What was wrong with the old layout ... it was prettier to look at, softer corners, a nicer box, something told me it was saving my draft every 20 seconds, the publish button was easily at the bottom left.

And now this ...

A white box.
Something that flashes to the top right of the screen every so often.
I don't even know where I am any longer on this thing.

I fear greatly that if I try to update or change this thing ... then the last 7 years will be lost in blogger blackspace ... which could be very similar to those big black holes that are somewhere out their 5 universes from here .... and I will never be able to get my fence pictures ... ok, well I will let the fence pictures go .. but the rest ... like clouds and stuff .. well I will never get that back.

Eagles, bears, bobcats, children .. well we will be able to find them again ... certainly so.

I will go to the options now ... who knows .. it's a new year, you may never hear from me again ... eeke.

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