Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And if todays..

Hamburger doesn't work, let's try again tomorrow.

I was wishing to write a book... "parenting - ONE hamburger at a time".

That's the way I see it.... with the boy at least.

In an effort to keep all systems full steam ahead, it's best to feed him what he likes. Hamburgers, from Wendy's. Of course he wants a baconator, and I say .. oh no.. we need some colour in that burger my friend... he hisses that he wishes for only bacon, burger, cheese and a bun, but I saw the couple of colours that will go down the hatch with the rest will make his body a bit happier.

A lot of things can be sorted out within the time it takes to drive through a drive thru.

First the motherly/driver person can chat all about.. who knows what.

The starving and resistant passenger can take it all in, while their bloodsugar crashes, and just before the blackout point... the system receives it's chemical inducing formula to start the brain back into synapsing once again, and therefore some logical thought/ organized thoughts.

I's a very simple strategy, that seems to work, with the boy. AND this isn't a case of a tragedy amongst 15 3/4 year olds porprotion has erupted, but rather an excuse to chat with a level head (once it has been fed).

AND there you have it... another successful parenting tip!

NOW... if this were the girl... Julia Child where are you now...?

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Chaos is my Life said...

Well I saw your handsome man heading to 7-11 with two young women draped across his arms!