Monday, September 27, 2010

HOLY crampoly.

Life has it's twists and turns, bumps and sinkholes.

Not entirely certain how the day goes from one thing to the next, but that is what it is.

I CAN'T believe that I have not visited my very own blog for almost a week.


In other things that are going on around this little city:


And it's all in the news.


Currently there is a bear out wandering our streets.

Hopefully he will stay hidden, otherwise there will be chaos and mayhem in the daylight.

I might just go take a run to see the other one's down the street.


Anonymous said...

That lovely bear took out 2 panels on our fence at 5a.m.!! Probably courtesy of the unpicked blackberries in the neighbors yard that he was trying to get at!!!!
He also took out a fence panel in Joey's neighbor's yard too! He was in destructo mode last night!! How's your fence??


Deanna said...

intact for the moment!

ha! word verificaion is assess!