Friday, September 10, 2010

In continuation of the current

siutation called this life:

Have managed to enjoy the first week of school, such as it may be...

The boy managed to NOT make it to the first day of school, despite being dropped on the doorstep.

The boy managed to SPRAIN his large right toe, which has rendered him completely unable to go to school, since he could not walk. BUT because he had pressing matters such as ROCKSCHOOL sorts of things... he limped along in his socks to make it today.

The boys friends wanted him to join football. I believe given the last paragraph it's best that he plays a stationary object after all... cause just going to the rockschool can be dangerous!

The girl is most pleased and happy with her festival of events at school. Enough said... other than I am continuing to straighten her hair for her... because when you own 4 1/2 heads of hair, I guess you do need help.

Caratacus continues to live in the driveway with his jeep like structure. It's all wierd to me... not sure how he can do that shit... I just like to turn my little mazda5 on and go ... none of this upgrading crap. What a silly Mr. Potts.

Me... I just look for bears & take pictures of children.

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