Monday, September 13, 2010

More on nothingness

Something that I am good at.

So the boy cranked his toy.. doing nothing. It's still swollen, so I think the sprain is healing. If it is a sprain, instead of dislocating and relocating it all in one shot. Will never know I guess. He has managed to be able to cram his foot into his runner... which is all good...

The chickenista continues to be beautiful. How tragic is that ! Being a lovely tall blond. Today is her first day back at swimming after a bit of a break. She may thank me or snear at me tomorrow... I will duck at all times while next to her.

I went photo shopping yesterday for a short time... saw one pop out, but was too busy texting to snap a photo... sorry bear watchers, perhaps TODAY will be your camera day.

Am waiting for the coffee to kick in... that's when the action really starts! ... until then... this is all I have on the nothingness scale.

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