Saturday, September 04, 2010

no seriously....

I completely have NOT A LOT to say!

other than....
  • am looking forward to the return of school.
  • not sure why
  • afraid of the bridge traffic, but only on Thursdays.
  • mad at the tolls... that are here & are coming.
  • don't confuse that with trolls... cause I don't know any!
  • am a regular dog sitter these days! & fish sitter as well... because you know... that is REAL work.
  • am enjoying my fried tomatoes. TOO bad that I didn't really grow any of those types of vegetables in my garden..  oh wait... I really didn't grow MUCH in my garden this past summer.... flowers included.
  • Have tried to look for a deal to go on a cruise.
  • Have watched while the husbandman has spent every last single piece of our life savings on HIS jeep. Oh wait... we don't have life savings... so who cares.
  • Spent a completely chaotic day at work. No make that psychotic. No make that frenzied & schizophrenic.
  • the PIP and I saw two bears. So cool... wish I had better pictures.
  • Have planted a seed ... in an effort to obtain bigger and better in the camera-ing department...
  • somehow somehow somehow... I have managed to come up with a cold. I don't get colds... I .  simply . don't.
  • I want to know where the days go... I know yesterday I made a little pot of coffee at 0700 in the am.. and wished to just welcome the day... because it was MY LAST DAY where the frenzied/harried events for the next 10 months will happen... and 6:30 yesterday afternoon I was still out doing things.... I am not sure when the day started and stopped...
  • I got my second shock fixed on the Mazda 5 on Thursday, in the last 5 months my 3 1/2 year old vehicle has cost me over 550.00 to repair, not including the 900.00 spent on new tires .... and all this for a HOUSEWIFE that drives her children around the corners of Port Coquitlam, and the speedbumps in the Safeway parking lot.
  • alright ... enough!

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Chaos is my Life said...

Would you like to babysit a "dog eating" dog? I have one...for cheap...let's say $1,120.00?!?!?

And how do you manage a cold in the summer?....or end of it?

Security word was "bereve" that closed to "grieve"?....which is what I have been doing when I very promptly gave away $1,120.00.