Monday, March 04, 2013

Welcome March

Your welcome.

In a biggie bigge baddie sort of way.

I welcomed January.

I welcomed February.

Now it's March's turn .. hopefully it will be happy with my welcoming thoughts.

Clearly January and February were a bust!

BLAH !!!

In things that keep me awake at night:

The BOYS from the band asked for their drummer to leave.


5 cutie cute boys ... have it all going on ... making music .. creating music... playing music ... all in love with their craft ..... or not?

again .. WTF?

Do these boys realize what they have done .. ? Asking the drummer to part. And part he did .. just stood up and left .. no questions .. they shook hands, he wished them good luck .. and hoped to see them on top of the world some day.

So sad.

The drummer is an absolutely cutie .... a real girl pleaser he is so cute. Just marketing value alone these guys are all cute together ... and the drummer .. quite possibly could be the cutest. BUT the idiots don't realize that. Apparently he is very very hard to deal with in band practice .. which makes it hard to move forward when you are song writing and working to move the band forward.

IN SECRET... I am hoping that somehow between superson and the drummer something can be settled ... perhaps a mediator between them ... they are young .. and do not have much common sense .. and no manager.

That screams dumb dumb dumb on all levels.

In other things fantastical and beautiful ... well .. immediately my princess doll should come to mind for all you big and loyal readers ... she realized that she could really draw the other day. So she spent almost the whole weekend .. just drawing .. and finding pictures that she could draw. Actually .... it was a very nice weekend for her and I ... we went off to the mall and out for dinner Friday night ... then Saturday .. I don't remember much ... other than I was buy during the day,... and she went out with friends that night .. and then yesterday her and I ventured to a store where we could buy a night table and bedroom stuff ... and we did ... except we couldn't get the bed .. which she desperately wants to badly. Her current 130 year old bed frame will be used else where ... like in the garden ... wrought iron can handle that right?

I think I might love March just brings so much hope and revival into our dreary world of grey that finds itself hovering this (most days) beautiful landscape of ours !

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