Saturday, March 30, 2013

I thought I'd seen the light.

But apparently it was all a mistake.

HOLY CRuMPLE towns peeps life has spiraled super ultra crazy. Kind of. Semi. Perhaps yes.

Things seem to have shifted all over the place.

Where I thought things were straight forward, they have become far from it. I need a landlord to swoop in, and sort me out. What about a warden, ... what about a cleaning lady ... what about someone to take hold of the steering wheel .. what about a lecturer and an analyst. I need all these streams of conscious to get me through all of a sudden.

I need something or someone to walk me back onto this earth ... cause I'm sorta out there .

That was written yesterday ... what a nightmare of a day ... NIGHTMARE. No laughing this time ... as most days .. I can laugh ... except yesterday. Nope .. no humour found me ... actually ... that is a lie ... late into the evening the girl and I were watching a movie together ... and despite how horrendous the day had been .. the night was definitely on an upswing ... we watched Parental Guidance .. a very cute movie .. that I would not have otherwised watched if my Min Min hadn't wanted to. It was just what I needed.

Today .. like I had wished for is a better day. Thank you better day .. thank you.

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