Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Already a day later:

The past 24 hours has ticked by .. and I have to wonder what exactly I have done with my time ... cause the time has gone ... and I have been a part of that time ticking .. and yet I'm left wondering how the time ticked past without me knowing.

All too strange.

People wait for time, wish they had time, pass away the time, hope for more time, widdle away the time, run out of time, move with the time(s), wonder about time.

My time has been eaten up at a back door asking the dog not to bark, knocking on the window so that my dog wouldn't bark, opening the door for the dog standing at the door who wishes to come in, but wont walk past the threshold, discussing with the dog why he shouldn't bark, encouraging the dog that the birds and crows are things that live with him, the trees and shrubs are going nowhere so please dont bark at those, walk thru the back door, you can't stand in between because you can't make up your mind. That's how my time is spent. Talking to a dog. Who at the end of the day has no concept of time, nor does he really give a shit what I have to say.

In other things of timely matters:

I meant to clarify something .... humorous to me.... I spoke of little red pills a couple of posts back ... ya ... those little red sparklers ... are Easy Swallow Extra Strength Tylenol ... that I keep in my bag, my car, my bedside table and the kitchen cabinet ... that I spoke of splashing around ... clearly for Easy Swallowing Access !! A true junkie I would admit.

Even further timely adventures:

I talked to my MIN ... she is away in Portland with her choir. I howled ... what a trip ... a whack of expense ... (not REALLY counting the cash .. counting the TIME that has made this a great memory for her !) ... they have done ten thousand things .. which one would expect would include you know .. choir like singy like stuff ... nope ... ONE hour of singing .. the rest ... woo-hoo .... adventure land in Portland. I wish I would have gone .. but then again not ... the high pitched nasally mouse like mother lady accompanied them ... she scares me ... especially the sound that is emitted from her being. Oh .. is that rude ... questions this crazyish one !!

In things with excellent timing:

I was driving over to the hospital on Saturday . .... singing away to Adelle, (pretty song amidst her sadness of letting one go ... hmmm grass isn't always greener hey ) ... when a car rolls his window and frantically points at my rear wheel, which then imposed his franticism on me ... yup .. my rear right wheel was smoking like a crushed bonfire. HOLY FUDGESTARS .... I yelled back at him ... and then thanked him ... Had that exact episode happened a full 24 hours later .. I would have been wickedly screwed to a tree with no shade ... I made my way to a brake and muffler place .. and a whole ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS later ... I was ON THE ROAD AGAIN .. (thanks Willie) ... back doing my regular order of business. If bad things have got to happen .. at least this one was brilliantly placed into the day ... went off ... got my antibiotics .. walked back to the brake place from the hospital .. waited, sister arrived, we had some soup and coffee .. then still made my way to my meeting that I needed to attend .. a full 5 MINUTES behind schedule. THANK YOU oh great being that wishes to take care of my soul on most occasions, and the rest of the time .. I just don't realize ... but that day.. somebody was clearly loving me!

In other things of grand timing and adventure ...

The muscial one can not be out of school a moment too soon. A singular second too soon. I will wait for the moment to arrive ... and probably will buy a bottle of champagne .. and share it with the musical one.... and proclaim ... I SURVIVED !!!! Not congratulations ... not well done ... not wow look what you have achieved ... this celebration .. will be all about ME ME ME ME !!!!!! The immensity of the burden of ensuring his path to  scholastic success will have come to an end. With his Dogwood in his hands .. he can pursue anything he wishes ... and he will. I wish I could look Elton John's mom up in the phone book ... and have a chat .. except that I couldn't look her up ... cause I can't even remember Elton John's other name .. which is not important at this point .. rather just pointed out here for curiousities sake .. what was that guy like growing up ... ? He had to be something else ... how non typical of a typical was he ? So .. Mrs. Elton John's mom .. if you are reading ... give me a dingle .. I would love to know .. The boy is packing up and leaving right after he graduates .. him and his band ... off they go ... for three weeks. I will have to remind him that his cell phone bill will continue to rack up .. along with the monthly van payment that he has signed onto .. plus we are now on the hook for $400 worth of concert tickets that he is not going to be attending ... that he has to pay for .. worrisome .. yup ... although .. craigslist will be our friend for that one ... All the same ..... as time has ticked on for this kid .... he has already done MORE in his 18 years of life than I would have dreamed of doing by the time I was ... well .. whatever age I am now ... ha ha. His latest claim to fame .. NOT SO MUCH REALLY ... was the hugely insulting and very hard hitting reality of being in the music industry (if that is what they are in) ... they (the band) decided to drop their drummer ... probably the cutest sweetest looking character out of the bunch .... clink, boom, kick .. blindsided. DONE. I am not sure of many 18 year olds that walk around with the burden of knowing that THEY have been the cause of changing one persons life ... (maybe in the end for the better .. who knows) .. at any rate .. the boy had a hand in firing a friend, and fellow bandmate from a low paying job .. simply because "the band" didn't believe that the drummer was on board with getting this band bigger. Hmmmm. I am excited to find out ... that this crazy band is using up their profits to record a SINGLE ... of a song which I truly LOVE .. however ... they plan on going on tour ... I wonder with what money are they planning on doing that with .. ? Anyways .. they are young .. and I personally think if when I graduated that I could jump in a van with 4 other guys and tour and make people happy with the professional sounds of these guys ... well ... does that just not SCREAM adventure .. AND ... all of which these guys have ALL GRADUATED !!! (personal struggle with that my friends .. a long long long road ... ) .. I will be so happy to see the boy pick up and go ... what a way to suddenly have to realize HOLY FUDGEMONKIES this is life !!! The boy has already said that with the spring break currently happening this second around these parts .. his stress level is about 59 degrees less ... he feels musical again. Holy SHIT ... can't wait to hear when he really is musical then .. however .. I won't let the depressing fact of him knowing that he needs actual real live money to make his world go around ...  I wish him ten trillion blessings ... and if yes .. Eltons mom .. give me a call ... I wish to pick your brain .. k thanks.

6 days to go ... I'm hoping ... on these crazy ass antibiotics .. I've never heard of it ... "Ertepenem" ... I have got the wickedessssss taste in my mouth .... which will certainly stop once these are done .... but holy crapville .... as long as they RID me of the wicked evil bug that has inhabited me ... along with the wicked evil seering nasty ugly pain that goes along with it ... I am hoping that things are getting better ... AND one would wonder .. well holy shit .. can't you see the difference ... uhmmmmm ... no ... this bug has lived a long time inside before it made it's real presence known ...  and the doctorly peeps suggested it was JUST nerve pain ... well .. they were right ... nerve pain, bug pain ... all around pain ... GO AWAY ... YA THANKS .. now that would all be in good timing ...

So ya ... in other things ... it looks like I have managed to KILL a whack of time ... mind you ... it has been in daylight hours, and not in a form of a text ... so good on me ... I have only opened nad closed the back door approximately 24 times since writing this ... cause that's what I do with a 10 month old dog that doesn't know he has to share his space with nature ... what a dumb dumb ... however ... that will only take time !

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