Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things will be different

When it hits spring. Those were my thoughts ... give things time, they will settle ... come together ... other things forgotten and long since past.

Today ... it's spring.

What's different.

Not much.

Sort of:

My Min is back from the United States of the Americas. She is not so intrigued with shopping, lots of places, not much to buy.

BUT .... the best thing that happened in the world was her taking my older Nikon D40. Now that chick loved hunting for pictures. A new member to my photo group is upon us!

While someone was quizzing me about this horrible situation that I believe is resolving with my foot it came to light that they were looking for an employee ... a temporary recreation therapy kind of person to run a dementia/alzheimer group.

I'm in. Like a wizard.

That was magical !!

I will start next week.

I have caught a hot lead on a bed .. that the MIN MIN really really really wants ... they are sold out here .. and have been hunting the craigslists ... hopefully my luck will pan out .. as this bed is just across the overpass from me. Lucky lucky I say !

The boy and his band were mentioned in a column in one of Vancouver's primetime newspapers. It was just a little mention .. however little it was ... somebody noticed their style of music, and the fact that it sounded that they actually put it together, that their EP was good .. and they were up and coming. Those very words .. as little as they may appear .. are HUGE in their eyes .. I would believe. Fingers crossed that we are going to actually start hearing these guys on the radio ... locally at some point.

The husbandman admittedly told me that he was looking for properties to buy ... and then go there to live. Uhmmmm ... I quizzed him what it looked like to have me involved in the whole house purchasing process .. or is this a singular process ...? Cause you know ... it's good to know these things and all. Just to put a frame of reference ... he is house shopping for the future ... not 10 minutes into the future.... for all my huge reading fans ... and Elton John's mom .. no need to worry.

Today I am watching the clock .. unlike yesterday .. when I watched the clock, and still arrived not on time ... well wait .. I should give myself credit .. I do not have an actual schedule of times and timed events .. although yesterday ... the day zipped past as I waited for someone ... anyone ... to find a vein. Which put me behind .. doing other assorted events .. however .. if one wishes to turn things completely around ... I may not be walking around with a brand new very temporary job that I am starting next week ... kind of fun actually !!

The dog is currently shredding his bed .. he loves to rip fabric .. and has taken to ripping up his bed ... he gently starts chewing on his bones ... and then it moves on to sitting and ripping .. we should have called him Shredder.

Happy first day of spring .. it's pouring out .. good thing I will not be washing my hair ... then I would truly look more and more like a crazy person. Which I am .. most of the time .. just covering it up with the appearance of highly hysterical hair ...

OH yes .. that is one thing that I could bank on that WOULDN'T be different ... !

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