Monday, March 11, 2013

Imagine waking up to this:

I hate scary dreams ... Well first of all they are scary . ANd second of all ... They are just so annoying to wake up to. I think my brain is quite possibly fried. I am having quite the challenge concentrating. Now I know you are having that little problem of breathing .. So hopefully that will be resolved with some DR-ing assistance and a piece of paper.

You know ... I hate scary sounds .. Like sounds that are similar to daytime sounds .. But you hear them at night. They are just 17 times scarier.

Back to the scary dream ... Ya .. I hate it when you see the scary person from afar ... ANd they know who you are otherwise .. Especially when they see you in the distance .... Even though you are in a group of people .. It's just so singular feeling!!

The little (HUGE O MATIC) 10 month old dog is making little sucking sounds in his sleep ...

This night can be over with now. So can this day. I bet for you the same thing.

I am reaching into my trinket drawer and consuming some of my magic smartie pills. I went to my moms the other day .. And she had a BIG bottle of the easy swallows .. .. She can't take them .. So I inherited them ... I splashed them around the places I frequent ..

Sometimes I like furnace ... The humm just lulls me into closing my eyes ... However now ... When I'm feeling spooked .. It hinders my ability to hear, not including the blinding white light staring me in the face currently and the ringing ears .. I think your ears just ring sometimes because your brain wakes up and says its quiet.

Tracy told me she worked 12 hr shifts this weekend. I feel bad ... Although ... I couldn't be at work ... I'm not smart enough suddenly ( having problems focusing and sitting!)...

I think I'm kinda tired ...  yesterday Completely slept thru rods annoying alarm, the annoying rock 101 morning show ..(and for classic rock they sure play obnoxious music first thing in the morning!) and my alarm ... MISSED IT ALL... And I never even fluttered an eyelash to any of the sounds .... UNLIKE NOW ... When I thought I heard the familiar sound of the creak from the laundry room door at the other end of the house .. Which is why the fact that the furnace keeps running is slightly irritating to me. Oh and his loveliness 's snoring .. I'm talking human.. Not animal .. The furry guy is currently quiet in all forms of his dreaminess!!

When we speak of strange happenings ... Graham and I were killing ourselves laughing yesterday .. With the casual attitude that we have towards a dog walking up to the open fridge, nicely opening the crisper .. And politely selecting a single apple that was sitting by itself outside of a bag, and walking out the backdoor with it .. I shut the crisper and the fridge door .. And we carry on talking ... It wasnt till a few moments later that we realized the hilarity of it ... Sorta similar to snoopy from Charlie Brown.

Well .. Now I'm in the bathroom ... All signs of robbers will have left the homestead by now due to the fact they have been spotted .. And the bathroom light has gone on ... I know this because the silence that amasses me .... Now that the furnace has temporarily silenced itself ... However now it has restarted and the even scarier toilet flush in the night must take place . I've always hated flushing the toilet at night .. The sound is 34 times scarier I'm thinking.

Well .. Now I'm back in bed ... Sir was infiltrating my side .. So I shined this light into his face .. Now holy catnip I would have had a shitfit heart attack if somebody did that to me .. He however took that as a cue to move over. Rather polite for a sleeping person I would guess.

Whatever happened to your heart recording 10,000 that you were hooked up to? Are the scientists still conducting secret lab analysis from the embedded microchips? There is a certain dream theatre theme walking its way they this night time text time ...

I have been wreckless the last number of days ... Ate fries on Friday, and was proud of it , plus a 1/2 piece of the bottom piece of a bun from a chicken burger (I met my friend at BROWNS... Which was ironic because I was supposed to meet Tracy on Wednesday at Browns .. And I had never been there .. Then ended up going on Friday with a different friend .. Mind you it was a different one... .. Consumed bread twice on Saturday .. And then sliced THE TOPS off a cinnamon bun on Saturday and then Sunday ate more bread (ok ... Was my mothers homemade lovely rye bread!) ... I stole graham wafer crumbs from the fridge ..( the min aka the fuss aka julianne ) was saving them to make a cheesecake crust with them .. SCREW THAT ... I ate them with some vanilla yogurt and mint chocolate chips!!! ... Not sure what has come over me .. I quite possibly think its the finality of death. Yes .. It's been ringing thru my head ... My buddy Ian was diagnosed on Jan 23 and died March 1st. He had given up sweets ... ( well he said he never met a cookie he never liked ..) and was working decreasing his weight ... So had lost 30 odd pounds when I last saw him in November .. Little did we know something far more sinister was at work .. Live for the moment sometimes I guess ...

Damn it .. Rod has infiltrated my side again ... I will use my light source to deflect his body ... Didnt work .. Damn it.

My foot is cranking out the waves of pain ... So I am sending fuck off signals back to it .. Quite possibly that is what is currently keeping me awake .. That and the sudden silence in the home... That can be deafening ... Straining to hear nothing that's there.

Because I was off on Saturday .. I went to Ian's memorial service (as a coordinator of a stroke group it's a given fact the eventuAlity of death .. And although I do not habit these events I did feel very compelled to go) .. So did my mom. She and Ian were connected by the very fact they are similar age .. And they both grew up in New West .. And his wife Shirley is very much like my mom ... At any rate the two things happened in my mind .. We had to sit up front (most horrifying walking past hundreds of close family and friends .. Of which none of them we knew .. And then having to watch the almost pugged face pianist brutalize "what a wonderful world " .. And then again spit out "a bridge over troubled water" .. It seems shallow minded that I quickly would choose to call someone pugged face .. Except for the fact that this person is the choir leader at the seniors centre, where their group meets after mine .. And she has quite an air about her ... So over the course of time .. I have come to realize she is like a streAm lined pug .. More like a pug and poodle mixture maybe upon some truer reflection .. Because I'm spoiled I asked graham to learn how to play a bridge over troubled water ... So I could erase my memory of the devoid emotion that went along with the mechanical puggly poodle in her hugely ugly twill suit version of the song. In all of this out of body experience .... I was fascinated by the food ... Ian had planned what was the food that he wanted .. So sandwiches were his thing.. And homemade cookies .. True to form I ate one in his honour .. Not sure if everybody their realized the significance ... Now this is where the people watching skills took over .... They hovered about the food .. It became all about the food .. Like it was a lunch out or something ... It reminded me of those Janet evanovich books where the character always talked about her grama going to people's funerals because it was a social event ... And it gave people a chance to eat out .. And then rave about the food until the next event .. I saw great humour in this the other day .. I am pleased to admit that hysterical forms if laughter did not erupt .. But it made me consider what my wishes would be .. Would there be sushi .. Because graham just told me it was such a NOT messy food to eat ... Oh shit .. That's right .. Him and I went out for sushi saturday evening ... I only wanted the tempura stuff .. Including a tempura'd roll as well ... Anyways .. I'm not really sure how it qualifies as not messy .. But we are talking graham here ... I think he likes the organizational structure on his plate or something ....

Yes back to ms puggly poodle face ... Her hideous garb is similar to the whole post war german style induced fashion .. All around bad ..

Well ... The decision comes now .. Do I copy and paste I to my blog ... Or press send ... Will you anticipate this arrival .. Or be burdened with another long winded highly almost non sensicle story that is stirred from the darkness ... ?

Who knows .. Morning is quickly approaching .. I will need to have a couple of snoring fits myself before I wish to rise .. This will balance out the pain waves that hinder my ability for my sleeping wishes to come true. I am definitely happy the criminal element of the dreams has started to depart from my visual memory .. Enough to know that common sense also comes with the light .. That said its now daylight savings time .. So daylight is still hours away .. Yes .. I see no separation from the trees to the night sky.

I suggested to graham AGAIN he go to law school. He should. He has an amazing brilliance (to some) for words (or sharing his world according to Graham) .. And leaving people in his wake .. Yes .. I should fear that petty thieves are all running amuck in the streets and making back doors creak in the middle of the night due to all the graham like lawyers out there ... the teacher made the mistake of asking graham for his cell phone the other day. NOBODY asks graham to take his phone. That would be similar to asking if they should cut off the oxygen connection to the space station. Alternatively he offered the teacher his shirt .. And then his shoes .. Again she declined ... And wanted his phone .. He said his phone wasnt up for grabs however the offer was on the table for the shirt and the shoes unless she could show him written documents that it was stated that teachers had the right to confiscate personal property that did not subject herself or fellow students to any form of threat or danger. She said he was being rude. He said he wasn't being rude, in fact he apologized for using his phone, and said he would be under three minutes, and in consideration to the fact that they were not actually being taught by the teacher but watching a movie which he has seen five times (which then he goes on to do a little synopsis of A Beautiful Mind )... He very discretely was using his phone for an urgent matter ( talking to me as i STRESSFULLY WAS TRYING TO BUY BRUNO MARS TICKETS!!! i dont know how those fricken scalpers do it!!) rather than standing up and interrupting the class by walking out... which by the sounds of things she wasnt going to take him up on his offer for his shirt ... Or his shoes, and since they couldn't come to an agreement as to which article she wanted .. He was asked to leave .. So he did .. To make matters laughable ... It's a psychology class. Shit ... I better send this ... Otherwise .... This will become your bedtime story ... Hmmm .. I've got the tireds ... I have to get up soon!
The above was a singular text .... sent ... started off late into the hours of the night .. in things that rattle thru the brain but must travel at slower speeds due to the incompetency of the keyboard typist !! Lord help my good friend who drifts thru reading it ... careful my steadfast readers ... this could be you !!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!. .. All I can say :)


LarryLilly said...

I thought I haed problems. Yours are worse, and while not deadly like mine, they steal the quietness of your mind. But I love the free fall of consious thought, its like the prequel of a long novel, It was a dark and lonely night...