Monday, March 18, 2013

I was going to write a story:

It was going to be grand in length
Full of colour and adventure
One of power and of strength

Mystifying moments
Untangled upon the page
Fingers all a fury
The story of love and rage

However for the past 30 minutes
I have stood and sat  back down
Playing with my dogs ball
That leaves me feeling like a clown

If he isn't barking at the crows
Then he was crying about his ball
Where I used the broom
To retrieve his bellowing calls

The crows are busy crowing
And he doesn't like what they say
His ball falls under the stairs
Which he can not retrieve in any way

I have to be at the hospital
In about 30 minutes from now
My hair is a fine mess
Which needs a completel overhaul

I have to give it a wash
and blowdry and style too
and keep this stupid saline lock
from catching any dew!

Meanwhile Mr. Crybaby
barks at the all the birds
I am trying to keep him quiet
as this has turned absurd.

If one was to watch me
The back door open and close
A dog at the top of the steps
that wont come in the house past his nose

He turns and runs away
as you open up the door.
Unless you give him a wonderful treat
or maybe twenty four.

Silence has hit the homefront
AS he has entered upon the home
I hear that he has found something
Oh brother .. It's his most favourite bone.

This involves running,
and dropping it all around
letting it slide across the floor
and other assorted sounds.

Wish me luck upon my adventure
as my time is running thin
No wonder I can't make it to my destinations
I am here, and taking care of HIM!


LarryLilly said...

We have two doggies. The princess (Shadoe)is a purebred german shepard, the other (Stormy) is a pound puppy, well now she is 72 pounds. They have what I will describe as crate wars. Its funny. I have it in my almost dead blog.

Deanna said...

almost dead blog ... that sounds like something that i would write about ... or own .. or something .. we used to have two GS, one pure bread, another one that came our way ... that looked just like a GS. I used to write about their crazy ways ... probably way too much for a worthy blog note .. but then what is a worthy blog note ... rambling public articles about what's immediately important in my tiny universe.

I can already tell that when one starts writing poetry about their dogs that the lead line is all but a hoax, and I still really do not have anything to say ... except that it's a new hour ... along with a new word!