Sunday, July 18, 2010


I am....


Yes I am ....

You did read that right!

I will be back on Thursday... because you know.. I can't be GONE that long from this country.... what would it do without me?

If someone could:

  • make sure that the flowers get a little water.... someone's on the job on that one!
  • fix my lawn while I am gone...! ha ah aha hah a ha ha
  • and the bathroom tub surround would be a good job... it needs to be replaced and resealed... , something that just never gets done because of constant use.... not that that's not a good thing...
  • build me a couple of back decks..because why stop at one, when one really needs TWO!
  • and yes... anything of any greatness... like the purchasing of winning lottery tickets would be of kindness to me!
  • OH... and if someone can go spy the bears ... I would be ever so happy!

1 comment:

Chaos is my Life said...

Okay...I'm not leaving the country....but I will be gone until Thursday too!!! The cherries have beckoned me to come and pick/buy!