Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm back.

Stop the nail biting and the nervous twitches.

I won't be leaving the country again for a little while.

One only plans a destination every 15 or so years.. you know.

Today in big news:

I have no cream for my coffee. So I decided to drink it black. It's a bit shocking I might say, and I am worried for the hair... but I am managing.

In other big news of the day, ONE that should make headlines in my little world....

The Little Bathroom.... is nearing completion...

Yes, it's true people, let go of your underwear.... it's about to be finished... today.

I will post ribbon cutting festival & cake cutting celebrations as they happen in the homeland. It's a BIG day here!

Can't seem to stop sipping on this black coffee. I just need a little drop of light cream, an eency drop... but since the 'hair don't' is in it's regular state of chaos, it's better that I just stay put.

The holidaying is SEATTLE was most exciting. As exciting as leaving the country can get I guess.

I don't think I could live there.... it's bad for the hair.

TWICE a day I curled my hair.... and every photo I have of me... it looks like I have been through a blender. I would straighten my hair, but I just don't think that is safe, a curly straight head of hair. Hmm, doesn't work.

In other things that don't work.... ME!

I have this weekend off, next weekend... and the following! A most exciting experience!

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