Sunday, July 04, 2010

And would you believe me...

If I said I got to see two bears tonight.

Yae me...

I love the bears you know.

I might have mentioned that before, once or twice.... over the course the years.

In other things that I like:

JimmyDean continues to marvel and amaze ... me.

HOW did this boy find himself truly very funny....?
AND the PIP.... she is kinda the queen of willywonka lands.... cause ya know... she is Pippish and all.

In things that are boring....

I asked to have this weekend off..

Surprise surprise... "oh.. so sorry... no unit clerks out there to replace you..."
Top that off with a sick call.... and my need to do the right thing, and finish stuff. I am just stupid that way. OH.. and other surprises... I didn't find a new job this weekend either. That is my true goal in going to work each weekend... in an effort to find a new job. WELL.. holy crap am I ever bad at it... because I am going back again next weekend.

HEY! So.. how am I going to get rich when I FORGET to buy the lotto max ticket?  I will try again this week.... because I am SO rich in giving away five dollar bills, that's why. AND trust me.. won't YOU people want to KNOW me when I have 43 million dollars in my hands!

JUST as an FYI... you can TRUST me when I say that if I were to win... AND you new me... somehow you would benefit...

MIND YOU... I would give a huge huge huge chunk away... to charity... and ONE in particular...

In other things more down to earth:

The flowers that I have planted are continuing to barely survive. Things are not looking so HOT this year. Of course this isn't my fault... buy of my most favourite weatherman Mark Madryga... it's his fault, it has to be. "love you Mark!"

The weed killing adventure is still not doing well. Damn weed killing stuff not doing it's job.

Met a fellow last evening that had a German Shepherd. He just put the dog down 2 months ago. I spotted him from our front window... and he was visiting the people next door. I was intersted because of his odd hair. AND then... he had one of these jobs that doesn't take a lot of brain power... and you know.. sometimes people just find themselves in jobs only because of circumstance... and it is most fascinating to talk with them.. and find out their other passions in life... most interesting I say... which started off first of all with the hair do.....

That said.... we will not speak of my hair... of which the colour is draining rather quickly.... must make ammends... or something of that nature.

signing out...

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