Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awwwee lookout itsa....


Apparently it is summertime here.

Or so I am thinking that is the case since if I am following the calendar carefully... I believe I am in July at the moment. Now here on the west coast one would believe that it would be summer. Of course given the temperatures around these parts you would have believed we made it into the soutern hemisphere, minus the ocean views, and cruiseships passing in front of us.

But yesterday....

What the HELL was that....?

Winds ... whipping through the city at speeds which bring about falling trees and flying branches.

Which brings me to flying branches... something that the husbandman really loves! Without a moment to spare out comes that NEW chainsaw of his... and the next thing you know all tree limbs that narrowly escaped him doing window work (on top of priming & painting work) were swiftly chainsawed into submission.

You know.. I don't even know where he hides this supertool of his... all I know is that it makes a fairly swift appearance in the face of fallen limbs.

Maybe today it might resume being summer.... but of course there will be no holding of one's breathe to find out.

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