Friday, July 16, 2010

Out and About

Where's my ipod? The girl asked. At 0523 in the am.

I wasn't sure, but the father stated she had it last evening when she went to bed, so off she went.

Which made me think of waking up, because... sometimes waking up when you don't realize that you are actually awake is interesting.

So I ate some yogurt, and flax... the daily ritual. Except that I can never figure out when to eat it exactly... since the antibiotics RULE my way of life.

I thought about reading my book... but couldn't do it, not sure why.

So then I decided to leave.

That is where I have been.

Not any place exciting... but you know.. I am out there.

Been to see the bears.

Saw one.

A little itty bitty one... I didn't see the mother.

I left quickly... so as to not get caught up in the fact that it seemed to be momentarily motherless.

Then I saw a deer, it looked quite fleeting as well.

Then I thought I saw a coyote. Or not. I did not put the car into reverse to ensure the fact that I thought I saw a coyote.

And then I would have to fear for the deer, similar to the cub.

I made my way to the gas station. Chatty girl was their. I am not talking about myself. And then fly fixing man. Who continuously yanked on his fly while I pumped gas. It looked legit, meaning the fly fixing.

In I went to Starbucks. BECAUSE. I can't cure all the conspiracy's in the world, especially at 0645 in the morning.

I arrived home, and the hose called to me. I like to water, what's with that? The sound of running water... I just like it... but don't put me next to a fountain... because that is more than irritating.

Chatted with the husbandman, because occasionally that happens in this world.

And then put the hose away... because now it was time to come inside and start the waking process of the son. Because that is a process you know. He has a FAKE job this summer. It is looking after my nephews. Which he is barely managing. He might be fired, so says the sister. Fired from a fake job, only my JimmyDean could manage that.

Now must go and haul him out of the shower.. well, at least start the process of getting him out. Fly swatting painful people, that is what it is.

And then ... I get to drive him to his worksite... the sisters house...., that's ok.... he unknowingly already has adventures pre-planned for him the boys.... which will take them:

Out and About.

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