Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So what do you think rocketman?

The husbandman has stolen the rocket stick.

He thinks it's his.

I would like to think it is mine.

The Pip wishes for it to be hers.

Keyboardson only knows of it's existance, but hasn't quite grasped the thing....

In other rocket launching adventures... the first coat of paint went on the little bathroom. Well, the bathroom may be little, but it has big colour. Big bicycle yellow colour. Ouch, kind of. I might change my name to Little Suzy, because when the door opens and you are smacked in the face with the brilliance of the bicycle.. I know it's talking to me... WAKE UP!

In adventures so not rocketshipish: the elusive bears. How come the only one with the matching blueberry coloured car doesn't see the bears...? I'm going to have to get better at this... how am I going to get an even bigger lense with a larger camera... if I can't take a picture of a bear?

I had fleeting grandious thoughts of driving to Hyder Alaska... and the most interesting thing of it all... is that I have actually been there before... many moons ago... but I can say that I have at least been there.

Instead... I will take a picture of a black cat... if  I can find one.... or does that take rocketman science too?

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