Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wow! it's wednesday

Is that where the wow factor comes from... because of the matching letters?

I am not sure.

I guess all depending on the mood it could be wicked wednesday.... but no, not today.

I am currently going to sip on a fresh little cup of coffee... can coffee really not be fresh..? YES!!! I have come to know a certain mother and sister that just reheat coffee from the day before. Peculiar, and let's add a VERY to that.

In other things HIGHLY peculiar...

My husbands boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go running with him the other night. NOW... here is a way to figure out very quickly if you are someones ball and chain! ha ah aha ha... even when you are not attached. It was good for me. AND AND AND... I was probably more than overjoyed that I could at least do it... even if we walked a bit. What makes this HIGHLY peculiar is that this very time last year was pretty disasterous in the body department. Bizarre as that might sound, it is very true.

Life is ever so mysterious.

It's sunny out... and yet cool... I think I am going to make a run for the BACK yard... as in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE backyard... and get some deweeding happening... while it is still semi morning, and not too hot, or more noteworthy.. raining. The biggest issue is staying out of the sun... on top of these antibiotics needing to be on an empty stomach, and without dairy, and sitting upright.. it also makes you sun sensitive.

Alright... off to find some mystery in the backyard....

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