Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dizzy or just busy..

What's my excuse?

I am very much hoping that someone doesn't come and bang on the front door. In my current state of hair affairs it wouldn't be a pretty sight. Well, it would be a coture state of affairs with a lovely screaming line of asymmetry happening mind you.

I must add that Mr. JimmyDean is included in the sad state of affairs in the looks department.... we are both just disheveled... while the husbandman and the PrincessPip is off at their respective places doing working like things... I on the other hand must READ my book.. and JimmyDean, must play his game.

Although still goal oriented.. I will come back to the front door business rather quickly... as I have life things to attend to, including laundry... I can't walk around my homeland looking like a well put alien for long.... it just isn't natural!~

Yesterday I felt small. SMALL in a strange way. SMALL in a way where the Mr. JimmyDean superson was hugely tall, moreso than I remember from the day before. Odd.

I saw a woman yesterday who will be FOREVER ingrained in my mind that her name SHOULD be Kathy, but it isn't ... her name is PAM.  AND I know it's PAM.. I just want to call her Kathy.

I have been EATING up a storm.. of ANTIBIOTICS that is... hopefully the dizziness that comes with taking them will go away... of course perhaps once the busy-ness of lifelike things give a little that might change things as well.....

I must go quickly now.. the sun is coming out... and for us SouthWesterly BC'ers... it's a strange sight....

See, I promised I would be back... just like the sun!


Chaos is my Life said...

Why? Why are you taking antibiotics? And for what? I must know...do tell me...please!

Ozfemme said...

take the book, (and the antibiotics - hope you get better soon) and go and sit in that sun and read. Let the hair do as it will.

Thanks for the kind words too. I'm not kidding when I say it help, because it does.