Wednesday, June 02, 2010

that Jimmydean...

Oh what a character he is....

He managed to get himself an award for "subject excellence".

That JimmyDean....

It was nice to see him walk across a stage, see him shakes the prinicipals hand, and take some credit for being as the title says... "subject excellence".

He excels in many other ways... but not in ways that see him collecting awards, but rather a constant barrage of phone calls home, and a continuous series of lines to write for a certain teacher.

What I really wanted him to see was that there were lots of other studentse around him, being credited for their efforts, and despite the fact that his was "music", instead of academics, it was equally important.

He is sort of brilliant-like anyways.... I only say that because I see what he is like on a regular mother-like existance.

Now if we can only get him to apply his brilliance towards other things... and we might get a graduate out of the deal.

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