Monday, June 28, 2010

Beauty on!

So today... this was given to me... how beautiful is that!

AND... because I am a mother on crack... I gave my boy this.

If we had our holiday savings fund... I think this might be it.

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Chaos is my Life said...

Your birthday?..his???

Happiness all around!

Deanna said...

My birthday... back in December, his back in Janaury.

No... this boy wanted a keyboard, as it keeps him versatile, and mobile. He wanted one with weighted keys, and piano like.

I hmmmed and hawed... but really had to think hard that this boy has got a gift of playing... something that he will take with him for life... and I really thought that this would only serve to keep his passion alive, as well as give him a chance to be exactly who he is.. a musician. It was a HELL of a lot of money, but I stopped in my tracks and considered if he was an athlete, with good promise that we would send him to quality coached, and buy him quality sports things (ie hockey equipment)... AND... if I was going to splurge and spend money to buy him a keyboard to be portable with... he might as well have a good one. I was wishing that he could pay for part of it... but he isn't getting a job any day soon, so I just bit the bullet and bought it. Kind of crazy, but it won't be a waste. AND if is... then I will sell it.

I'm a wierd one...