Friday, June 25, 2010

Fix me!

That's what my lawn is yelling at me.

Or maybe what it's really saying is 'don't kill me!'.

I think the weeds are saying the that... the lawn is just sitting there, like it always does.. all smug and green and full of life, with a complete new generation of weeds taking over.

In other things that are being fixed:

The little bathroom is slowly taking shape. The husbandman has crawled into the great depths below and plumbed and eletricalled the new space, as well as crawled up into the attic space. Both of which are fairly nasty like places to be. NONE of which I will ever put myself into. It has been a fairly stepp amount of work compared to the actual space of the place.

I downed the dosage on the antibiotics as of yesterday. I was taking them as prescribed, but you know what... I can only do so much dizziness for so long. I am already a fairly dizzy person to start with, and this added to the mix was just a bit much.

I realized that the day before I was trying to look at my cell phone .. I needed my glasses to read the screen. The last statement is true. I didn't need them the day before that.. that I noticed. Best get a new phone.... clearly it has stopped working!


In things non fixable at the moment:

Both the chicklets are out of school. I have made a grave error in NOT enrolling the little PIPSTER in some form of summer activities... as this girl wishes to be busy at all times.... now I will have to hunt for her to do things... I probably should have thought about this last month... oh right.. I did.. I just didn't act on it.

I don't seem to have an RV that is associated with us going away. Perhaps I should re-think my going away plans and pack up and leave to somewhere...

Will have to put on my adventure thinking cap for this... I KNOW!!! I will call my SIL... she is extremely brilliant....

Whew... well that is fixed now isn't it...?

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