Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Thousand Miles

Verse 1:
When I,
   When I look into her eyes,
    I can see the starry skies,
   masking as an Angel in disguise.

When I,
    No longer see the rain,
    Feel no sorrow and no pain,
    I know that she's around again

I would,
    I would walk a thousand miles
Just for,
    Just for one little smile
I would,
    Just for one little smile.

Verse 2:
 When they,
     Ask me about my love,
     Well I say,
      That she's a cut above.

When the,
     Sun shines it shines for you,
     And when the world turns it turns for you

Chorus 2:
She's my,
     She's my light in the dark
      She's the,
      she's the shine and the spark,
      She holds,
      she holds the key to my heart.

The words & music (which is absent from this post) all written and composed by my very own Mr. JimmyDean. All Rights reserved just for him.


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Chaos is my Life said...

VERY nicely done!!! I haven't "heard" it yet....but am going to today! Who needs math...this kid had talent!