Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beyond the world of the screen:

  • Have YET to see a spring bear!
  • The house that sat next to the red barn managed to get burned down (shocking!)
  • I did get my car vacuumed out finally.
  • I had a window of opp yesterday to cut the grass, but the husbandman stole the keys to the dollhouse shed.
  • Have listened to the boychilds song about 10 thousand times now. Still not sick of it. Still confused as to how he wrote the song, and was able to hear all of the other instrument sounds to create this piece of magic... because it really is.
  • I always thought he was an Elton John in the making. I really did.
  • Lady PIP-o-lot is doing another Annie performance tonight. I have to say, she did make for a beautiful orphan last night.... says the mother!
  • Glad that last week is over.
  • This one is prooving to be interesting.
  • I took the day off to see the parade on Saturday, now that my friends... is excitement!
  • Do you think that one can have too much flax in a diet. I do not.
  • I got my hair cut last week. So did Ms. Pip-o-lot. Probably not a good thing to do tandom haircuts... I was focused on the scissors that kept attacking the girls hair, and not mine. The girl scissoring up Ms. Pip-0-lots hair probably wished to attack me... can't have someone layering up a girls hair that can not manage it on her own... now the mother is responsible for "the look of the day", which has become way more challenging, now that there are layers FALLING out everywhere!
  • Learning curves can be a good thing... re: above!
  • I walked in circles around the track this morning. I listened to the boys song. I was worried that I hadn't walked long enough. 75 minutes later. AND... I had one of those lane chasers right next to me. HATING that. You are walking all on your lonesome, and then there they are.... you know the ones.. the ones that keep pace with you. I do not know where he finally ended up... there was a large group of people that all somehow converged around into the corner, and people were almost bumping!
  • Talked to the music teacher... she said the best thing that I never did for my boy was ground him. I thanked her...! She said that was the turning point in his musical self... she said it was from that moment that he came back a changed boy, with music in his heart. Mind you, that was a couple of years ago .... he got grounded... but he will be forever changed because of it. ( I took away all his gadgets, except for YOUTUBE, and that was where he started learning piano songs by the dozen!)
  • So, back to the haircut... it's a good haircut, but on the wrong person. How is that? A whole screaming whack of hair fell out of my head a number of months ago, and now it is growing back. Of course it isn't growing back with my original darkish colour, but I will give it credit for growing back Thanks!... in the meanwhile, the "hair-don't" is looking all wild like (shocking... when isn't it wild like, can't really tell)... so she cut some more off the front (as in bangs)... and NOW... all it does is lay WRONG. wrong, wrong wrong. Now I have a cotton ball on the front of my head. Seriously. It takes a lot of work to get this cotton ball to stop being a cotton ball... it's almost like chopping off a cute little rabbits tail!
  • It can not rain.. I must go cut the front lawn.
  • Have been enjoying watching the eagles "out there".. although some of the nests have gone astray, or fallen during the winter/spring storms. All the same, the familiar sounds of squealing chicks are taking up the audio on the computers each and every morning. Very delightful!
  • OK.. and the very fact that I am walking on a cloud with the boysons achievements, I have now had some feedback that this musical talents, are in fact talents....
  • OH... lucky me.. I am watching an eagle soaring at this exact moment.
  • Planted up the perrenials... they have liked the warm wet and then cold weather.. being all weed like and such! It has still been too cold to start the annuals... maybe another week or so...then I can colour up a STORM!
  • Day is slipping by... must go catch it!

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Chaos is my Life said...

There's NEVER such a thing as too much flax!!

Hey...if you're gonna be at the parade, cuz "everyone loves a parade"...my girl will be "advertising" for her dance studio!!....watch out for the little "angel" (with hidden horns)!