Saturday, May 08, 2010


It's a word I made up.

Perhaps it could be the place where we put the people in life, that make young inpressionable people's lives hell.

Maybe it could be shaped like a bucket, and have big echoing bucket sounds, and have transparent walls.

We should add a sound system, that only disperses information from the top, that way... when the evil doers (those that we might call.... educators!!!) are sitting in the nimbojim they can try and figure out what is echoing from above. Of course we will send pieces of information at varying speeds, and then we will react badly when the information is not processed correctly.

There should be the promise of leaving the nimbojim, but only if they interpret the information accordingly, and to our satisfaction.... of course our satisfaction is based on our level of subjective feelings at the moment.

While in the nimbojim there will be no room for filters on the walls. If looky loos wish to bang on them, they can. If people want to speak with the insider nimbojim people they may... but if the nimbojim people do not respond, they will be penalized. Because, that is the way it is in the nimbojim.

The nimbojim will also be a facility to exercise. The regulars (non-nimbojimers) will run around the outside of the facility, and because the nimbojimers are inside a round transparent facility, they will  run on the inside. The information, once again, will be dispersed from above, but due to the limited speaker system, and the level of noise from the outside participants, the nimbojimers will just have to figure it out on their own when to start running. OH... and because we want to give the nimbojimers the best experience possible, they will be expected to walk 10 miles prior to entering the facility. It doesn't matter that the nimbojim participants might be a little tired from their previous exercise, they are expected to participate, and follow directions as requested. Of course if they don't they will continue to run around the facility while the nimbojim leader will deliver a constant stream of words that will surely make change for the next days nimbojim exercise session.

Also, the nimbojim experience offers an educational component. First there is the wonderful opportunity of learning the nimbojim symbal system. It's quite fascinating really. Very pretty symbals that mark the pages in certain locations, and all you need to do is follow the instructions from above. It's very simple, and because the nimbojim comes equipped with the best of quality products provided for the best possible experience, it is essential that the nimbojim symbal system is completed with the 3 mm pencil, and rice paper. Of course the nimbojim symbal system must be completed with the fancy swirls and extra thick dark lines around the edges. There must be 100% accuracy at all times, otherwise the nimbojim system will not meet with approval. These will result in the nimbojim facilitators forced to make added announcements through the speaker system from above.

Also, the nimbojim facility offers the wonderful experience of looking back into history. Yes, history! AND because the nimbojim once again wishes for the greatest experience... the history date is decided WHILE you are in the nimbojim!!! AND... the nimbojimers are EXPECTED to know the date in which is randomly selected, and they are to write about the important events that happened on that day. Of course the 3 mm pencil and rice paper will be transcribe their knowledge of the random date. NOW, because we wish for the best of the best... there will be no cheating with internet search engines, or history books, or how about even a library... because it really is just that easy to pick a random date in history and write about... right, after all have entered the nimbojim!!! And, because we wish once again for the best experience possible... we will ask that this is all accomplished in under 30 minutes..... because.. that is the expectation .. in the nimbojim. If there is little compliance, and the required subject is not completed within the 30 minutes of allotted time, this will result in a lecture, from the loud speakers above, in an effort to keep the nimbojimer in line. I mean, it is only history...  and how hard is it to write about a randomly selected date in history... ?


OK.. people .... I wish I could really write this letter to someone that would matter.. but I can't. So instead I have made up a facility... in which only SOME educators in this world should go... in an effort to understand what it might be like to have autism.

My hugely clever and wonderfully handsome nephew has autism... and while in the classroom, he is completely misunderstood, and quite often  penalized & punished due to behaviours that are directly related to his autism.There are teachers in his life that make his world a living hell, and as they do not get him, they punish him for being autistic. RATHER than taking the 24 seconds that it might take to understand why the child is exhibiting behaviours that are disruptive and and seemingly defiant, they immediately assume the negative, and punish the behaviour, instead of looking at the precipating factors. It is easier to REMOVE the so called problem, rather than looking at what caused the behaviour in the first place.

This blog was based on helping the "educators" in these childrens lives to understand what it is like to live with autism... (and for my nephew he claims it isn't that bad.).. if only people would just take the time to understand the world from his perspective... and to give him the graces that he might require, so he can interpret what the world is trying to say to him. His behaviour is only due to the frustration that he is feeling, and while he doesn't own a filter, it would be nice for the EDUCATED ADULTS that surround him to make judgements that are based on fact, rather than the behaviour that is exhibited due to lack of patience and understanding. It is a fact that kids with autism have low muscle tone, and get tired quicker than the regular kids that surround them. SO... even though they appear to be able to run along with the rest of the pack, they just can't. It's that simple, and yet so not believed. Creative thinking is "way too out there", and even though the regular folk do not have a problem with "being creative" ... it is almost impossible for autistic kids to "just be creative". ... hence the joke on requiring the guests to the nimbojim the impossible task of being required to give facts about history... because we all know random history related facts don't we??? It is also well known that their is a language processing delay... so ... when an answer is slow in coming... it is only due to the fact that there is all sorts of other sensors being targeted at that exact signal, and the intended signal takes an extened period of time to relate to. Also, due to the low muscle tone, writing is a chore, and a chore. Muscles and ligaments tire quicker, it is just that simple.

I haven't even touched on the anxiety that comes along with all of this... being autistic, and yet having the awareness that you stick out in the crowd, and yet... you don't want to stick out in the crowd.. you want to be the same as others, and yet you are not... simply because your genetic make up makes it invisible to others.. that you are incredibly and amazing different.... and yes... it is all anxiety provoking...

This blog is about trying to create an understanding... for those that are supposed to make a positive difference in children's lives, rather than making their lives hell... which on most days... it seems like it is.

I am not sure where I would get the strength from to re-enter a world on a daily basis that chooses to not understand me, and misinterpret my pleas for help that are exhibited through behaviours that I have no filter for.

I must be a very brave soul to entrust my well being to a bunch of nimbojimers.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's about all I can say......Wow!
You describe it so well, yet most of us cannot understand it.
Make sure you email this to his teachers!

Deanna said...

thanks Deb... I wasn't even sure if I was explaining it, as passionately as I feel... I am glad that you got the jist... if only others could read it and do the same... I really wish I could send this on.

Chaos is my Life said...

I completely understand what you're saying...completely!