Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In things uneventful:

(You see.. I didn't even rattle on about things that were as equally uneventful... because that is exactly the little life here on the crescent!)

Made some coffee... and I am not really sure if it has any taste, other than being dark brown. Is dark brown really a taste?

The boy yet again announced his 16 bit colour system. This was all brought on by the 100 different yellow samples that we brought home from the FOURTH Home Depot that we went to yesterday.

Yes... because we have nothing of absolute excitement in our lives... we managed to visit FOUR home depots... AND where we needed to buy the ONE item that made us venture onward... we ended up purchasing the item at the original home depot. Oh well... it was a nice day for a jeep ride... AND it made the neighbours down the street wonder if we were OK... since we were in the SAME vehicle together... at the same time. Sounds strange, because it is.

I bought the Mr. JimmyDean son a new XBox game... he barely removed himself from the den all weekend. Not to worry folks... his hair isn't long, and he still has showers, and his whole life isn't gaming.. because ya no... he still had his ipod on his lap, and a computer next to him.... My JimmyDean.... where will you go, and what will you do??

The girl was here there and everywhere... just as THAT girl is. She made you tube videos this weekend, went to a movie, had a sleepover, did some homework even... AND even momentarily cleaned her room, since she was still looking for her camera. THAT all stopped when she saw the camera drying out on the window sill.

OK, believe this people... the little camera went through the washing machine... (yes, heavy duty cycle, with the extra long spin....) AND CAME OUT ALIVE!

Well... minus one button that isn't working, and the flash has become tempermental ... and the viewing thing is a bit garbled... (very very very mildly!) ... and I am thinking with time, as it continues to dry... it might just fix itself. BUT the girl has announced very sternly to the laundry lady ... that the laundry lady must replace the camera. The laundry lady has other ideas... as the the laundry hamper had been filled by the camera owner, with the camera still in one's jacket... which was in the laundry hamper. AND the fact that the new camera owner has a perfectly good working PINK camera that also got fixed when the now current new camera was broken. SO... even though the new camera has a glitch or two.. the old camera with it's scratches is completely workable. So what should the laundry lady do ... to replace or not replace ....? ( I am thinking that I should send it back to the company and see if I can get the flash back up and working... !)

Other than enjoying a little dog all weekend... the homeland is all good.

There are small gains being made on the LITTLE bathroom.... like the 4 trips for 1 tap sort of deal. Luckily we have already picked out our light fixture... and for a couple that doesn't chat much to each other about things... we definitely agree on what we want when we see it... which makes that part of life very easy. There was a huge wall of fixtures ... and the two of us pointed at one... except we opted not to buy it... HA! (It wont be there when the time comes... and I can see this becoming another 4 trips for 1 item again... ).

The yard is poking along... I still have massive clean up "out there"... but that will have to wait for yet another day....

In the meantime I am cautiously doing laundry... and must create some dish to take with me for a "luncheon", PLUS... go ask businesses for gift cards and donations. That makes for a NERVE WRECKING day!

Now onto other things....

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