Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little dab will do you...

Or a bottle maybe two.
You think I am talking hockey...
Oh how wrong of you!

I am talking hair colour people, that's what I am talking...! And I need it quick!

So I had my hair cut, maybe two weeks ago.. butI didn't colour it right away... as I wished for it to get used to the new ends. Well... the ends are still not used to themselves, as the singingson referres to me now as "Einstein the mother". He is quite loving you see... because with this hair do.. I could have lead him along the path of frankenstein.

Hopefully all with change with the bottle of colour... it will weigh the hair down again.. or something like that.


In other things that probably look nicer:

Will go and buy some little basket stuffers for my hanging baskets that do not exist yet. OH... and the upside down tomato thing is going to look cool.....!


I have a bottle at the ready.... must go spread the goup to recoup my motherly crown.

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