Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Spirits that live among us

So yesterday I went off to Spirit Church ...  Or whatever it is called .... My friend put me onto this ...
My sister was intrigued so she joined me last night ... Well, I joined her.

Well, have to admit. Very cool. I went back in November, the lady was alright... I'm thinking ... I was "a little" moved .. But not much... Her stories were mere suggestions, although she did deliver messages to people that were still reeling at the loss of their loved one.

LAST night ... Was what I believe ... Truly remarkable ....

The spirit man identified a mother and two daughters that had lost the husband /father. The one daughter had dyed her hair ... And the spirit man said the father didn't like her hair being coloured ... Interesting ... She looked a natural blond to me ... BUT when I saw the girl from the front .. I could clearly see she was dark haired ... To some degree .... Interesting ... The spirit man was able to give them clear details about their loved one ... So that was interesting.

The Asian appearing woman with the deep voice (that visited the first time, last time), was back, in the same spot, with the same annoying voice, blubbering about her same sadness, and the spirit man TOLD her her husband wanted her to move on ... Hopefully she will take her late husbands advice. PLEASE.

The couple that lost their son in a car accident, NEED to take the sons spirits advice and MOVE ON ... He has asked them to get rid of  his ashes, as they are not him ... He is FINE .... And wishes for them to be happy ... As it very clearly appears they are not.

The spirit man found a spirit that had committed suicide, except it was an accident ... The spirit said he didn't know what happened to him ... He just fell asleep, and never woke up. FINALLY a woman came through and said she knew him ... The Spirit Man was insistent that the spirit was coming from their spot in the church, when the girl finally spoke up. Interesting.

The fellow was able to give us a name of a man, (James) he knew that 2 grandkids were named after this man, he was able to determine autism, and knew that one of them were "growing out of it" .... And YES, that is a possibility .... Or at least it becomes LESS pronounced as one of the kids has aged. He spoke of separation (the sisters husband away in India for a month), and odd things like, he apologized for "not being around much" ... The spirit man told us that he is around us much much more than before (something that I already knew, or had a feeling of actually!), and something to do with shots in the arm ... (Butterfly needles in my dads arm, as he died) ... What he DID not say ... Was Thank You to my sister ... Which clearly she was looking for.

And that was the night ... Interestingly comforting to think that yes, there are the Spirits that live among us.

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